7 Things Every Reliable Business Should Be Doing in 2019

If you want to own a reliable, successful business in 2019, then there are a few things you should be doing to make sure this happens. There’s nothing worse than a business that says it’s going to do something for clients then doesn’t follow through, or a business that waits days to get back to a client after they have enquired. Below, we will list 7 things that all reliable businesses should be doing in 2019. Take a look:

  1. Keeping Promises That They Make

If your business makes promises, you should be taking these promises very seriously. Do you promise to deliver the next working day? Then make it happen. As soon as you break a promise, that customer loses trust in your business and you can pretty much guarantee that they won’t work with you again. Obviously, life happens and there are exceptions, but if you tell a customer they will receive their item in 1-3 days and they don’t get it for 3 weeks, you’re going to run into some trouble.

  1. Responding To Clients Quickly 

Clients don’t want to wait very long for a response. We all have very short attention spans these days thanks to the digital age, so a quick response is imperative. It doesn’t matter whether this is over email, social media, or another platform. Having a reliable phone system will help with this. If you’ve been thinking about Voice Over IP for your business, it could be the right time to have it installed. Being reliable means taking communication seriously.

  1. Personalising Responses

Personalising your responses is a must, too. Use the person’s name, and reference things you may have discussed previously with them. This helps to strengthen the connection and shows them that you remember them. Copy and paste responses over email and social media never go down well. Make sure you actually look at what people are asking you.

  1. Having A Clear Process For Complaints And Mistakes 

Every business makes mistakes. Even if you don’t, you’re bound to deal with some complaints. That’s life! How you deal with them matters if you want to save your reputation. Make sure you have a clear process for both complaints and mistakes, and that you’re consistent with how you handle them. Own up if you’ve made a mistake, and make sure you rectify the problem quickly and that the customer is satisfied. How you react is crucial, as you could lose this customer forever. Not only that, they are statistically more likely to tell people they know about the error, and thus you will lose more potential customers!

  1. Managing Customer Relationships

Managing your customer relationships with the right software will help you to keep them happy, as well as ensure you’re doing what’s best for your business.

  1. Listening To Customers Properly 

You will get feedback even when you haven’t asked for it, and you might be tempted not to listen. Don’t make this mistake!

  1. Providing A Consistent Service

Your service needs to be consistent across every channel. You can’t treat complaints from two different people differently. This is why having processes in place and guidelines for your service is a must.

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