7 Simplest But Overlooked Points Linked To Business Growth

When starting up a business, you did a lot of research to ensure it is the right thing to do at that particular moment. You sought advice from relevant people and read magazines and books. You invest a lot of time, money and attention to keep the business running. After starting up a business and making sure it is safe, you are wondering how you should move the entity to the next step. Plus, you intend to accomplish more work in your business. How you conduct activities in your company will tell a lot about the entity and can either encourage or discourage the way your workers perform. Happy workers will increase the productivity by 20 percent while uncomfortable employees will impact the productivity reducing it by over 10. The following are some tips that can help you manage your workers appropriately.

  • Hire and Sustain Perfect Skills by Interviewing Multiple Times

The culture and model of business lie with the employees. You should be aggressive when hiring your workers who should represent your business in the market. Most importantly, you can determine the factors that bring satisfying results in the industry. Many companies do not assign enough time to conduct interviews. When you intend to add new employees, you should make sure you conduct numerous interviews. Plus, you do not rush the process. Remember you are looking for individuals who will spend almost their life working for you or get into a contract that will take a long time. Thus, you do not want to engage people who are not fit for the task. Few emerging technologies in HR and recruitment also minimizes the efforts and maximises the result. You can definitely consider exploring a few otherwise, the business will not grow as intended. For the contract positions, you should let the interview last for more than a week. For permanent employment, the interview takes over one month.

  • Have a List of Qualities you Expect in the New Employees

This method is appropriate to do away with unwanted candidates soonest. The process can save you from conducting a lot of interviews. Plus, the qualities show how determined you are in fetching for the proper individuals that can help you take the entity to the next level comfortably. The qualities should be the most crucial ones that the new workers must have. Streamlining your employees can help you choose the direction of the business.

  • Consider the Personality

Just like skills, the personality of an individual matter when selecting new workers. The character of a candidate will tell the trend and culture your business will take. Thus, if you focus much on the skills, you can miss out the relevant characters of an individual. The attitude and behaviour of the candidates should match the expectation of the company. By choosing the appropriate character, you keep the business in a better position to improve productivity. Bad decisions during the hiring of employees can lead to future destruction. You should spend ample time ensuring characters match the business values.

  • Improve Retention Rate

Using excellent methods to hire the appropriate workers is one thing and maintaining the good employees is a different task. The culture of the company can quickly deteriorate if you do not work on retaining the employees you worked tirelessly to fetch. Find ways to make the excellent workers keep up with the handwork and co-operation. How you maintain you workers effort is by using enticing methods, like sharing profit and providing various insurances. You can also try to connect with trusted insurance providers that can suggest you with the best possible option such as comprehensive car insurance which benefits both, the employer and the employee’s side. You should use good communication to make workers feel like part of the business. You can congratulate a worker for a job well done and make sure other employees are around to feel challenged.

  • Keep Reminding Your Employees the Mission of the Company

The company’s main agenda and mission should get communicated regularly. You should get common methods that show the values of the business. Effective changes and proper communication should get adhered to by all the workers. Also, you can encourage workers to keep on reminding each other the set goals and motives to keep things on track. Use such methods of communication like blogging and digital newsletters. You can hold regular meetings to make everyone feel like part of the company’s change. However, some meetings in the workplace are worthless. You should avoid wasting time in unproductive meetings and forcing the employees to attend meetings that add up to nothing. Many employees can be more productive if you ban some of the unnecessary meetings. Wasting time doing a lot of meeting shows that productivity is not important to you. Thus, ensure that the meetings that the workers attend are worth the time spent.

  • Show the Workers Respect

It is crucial showing respect to the people working for you. You should not shout at your workers. Giving the employees a comfortable working environment can improve the level of performance. Identify with your workers to make sure they feel comfortable around you to ensure proper communication. When you engage in talks with your employees, they can help you identify areas of weakness. Also, sometimes you can provide your employees with nutritious food to help them improve their productivity. Giving food shows that you value them more than the work they do for you. Although it might be expensive to hire qualified chefs to aid in making food, you can find other ways to provide delicious meals, especially to people who need special dietary. Distractions from various sounds can affect the concentration of your employees. A noise-prone workplace is a weak ground for improvement in business since the workers will work under stress. Look for ways to avoid much noise to encourage consistency at work. You can also enforce silence during working hours. Also, you can provide separate silent rooms for workers who need total silence.

  • Keep Things in Place

You should be concerned with the arrangement of data and files of the company. If you do not care for the efficiency of the business, the workers will waste most of their working hours looking for internal information. You should enforce an efficient tracking and keeping of the internal information.

In conclusion, you should spend enough time to think over the above strategies that can help your business to take a significant step in improving productivity. The condition of the employees will determine the nature of your business.


Helen Cartwright
Helen Cartwright
Helen Cartwright is a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche. When not wired in marketing strategies she ghost-write for a variety of authors who have their work published on leading online media channels such as The Huffington Post and Entrepreneur.

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