7 Recruitment Trends To Watch In 2020

The face of recruitment has developed over the last several years, and this year we are going to see even more changes. Your staff is the beating heart of your success, and you’ll already know the importance of attracting and retaining the right people. To enhance your hiring processes, pay close attention to these trends, which will dominate recruitment this year.

1. Digital Hiring Platforms

Many companies are already using digital hiring platforms as part of their recruitment processes. In 2020 we can expect this trend to keep on growing. There are many different digital hiring platforms out there. Such platforms can be used to analyze your candidate data; automate tedious tasks;  use chatbots instead of phone screening, and even use AI to find the top candidates. Using a digital hiring platform, you can also perform video interviews, provide your candidates with test projects, and offer feedback.

  1. Focus On Retention

No company wants to lose money, and the fact is that turnover can be expensive. This year, businesses are looking to find staff who want a long-term role. Companies are choosing to look for candidates who are not just suitable for the moment but for the future of the industry. To jump on this trend, you need to pay close attention to your candidate’s application and their interview performance. Both will offer clues about their long-term commitment. To suss out a candidate’s commitment to your company, it can be useful to keep the interview informal, so that you can really get a chance to see their personality. Once you’ve hired a great candidate, work with them to create a development plan, which outlines how they could progress within your business.

  1. Specialist Recruitment Agencies

You know exactly who you want for the job, yet how can you go about finding them? If you’re not adept at finding the best people yourself, no matter, there are a growing number of specialised recruitment agencies who can help you. If you choose an agency that specialises in your industry, you are far more likely to find who you are looking for. Whether it’s truck driver recruiting companies, IT specialist recruitment, or creative design, look for a service with substantial experience. Using a recruitment agency can help you to streamline the process, to save you time and money.

  1. Artificial Intelligence In Hiring

The use of artificial intelligence is a growing trend in recruitment; one company already using it is LinkedIn. The platform provides employers with rankings of candidates, based on how well they fit site job posts. Currently, AI tech is not solely relied upon to make hiring decisions; it is merely a support tool. Nevertheless, many companies use it and are working on developing AI technology in recruitment.

  1. Social Media

An increasing number of businesses are using social media as part of their hiring processes. Sites such as Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn are all excellent solutions that you can use to target the candidates you are looking for. In 2020, candidates will even be able to send their CV to some companies using Whatsapp.

  1. Company Culture 

In the past, employee engagement was seen as an ‘added bonus’ as opposed to an essential. In 2020 businesses are looking to improve their company culture and show potential candidates what their culture is all about. When we talk about company culture, we are mainly referring to the personality of the business. It includes everything from staff perks and office set up to goals, ethics, and environment. Companies want to show potential staff that they have a strong and positive company culture. Businesses often want to promote a community feel as opposed to a corporate one.

  1. Diversity & Inclusion 

Smart business owners know that diversity equals creativity and success. If your company is made up of the same types of people with identical skills and backgrounds, it’s less likely that you’ll reach your full potential. Besides the creative perks of diversity, it’s merely the socially and ethically responsible way to hire. Companies should be made up of a range of sexual orientations, races, ages, genders and backgrounds. When you prioritize diversity and inclusion, you’ll build a business that you can be proud of. In 2020, many companies are seeking to prioritize diversity (if they haven’t achieved enough of it so far). Consumers are quick to notice when a company lacks diversity, and this can fare badly for your reputation.

As recruitment solutions become more modern each day, it’s beneficial to move with the times.

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