7 Powerful Ways to Hack Serendipity and Up Your Luck Factor

Serendipity… Finding pleasing things that one had not been looking for.  Webster’s Dictionary

Ah, sweet serendipity!

We have you to thank for many life-enhancing things ranging from the microwave to the telephone. Your life-changing gifts have not only improved our world but have changed the lives of the inventor for the better. What if we could harness more of you on a less random basis?

Whether you’re slaving away in your home office or daydreaming about how to make it big, stay focused. Your next coolest breakthrough might just be a serendipitous moment away.

Aside from reveling in the sweet personal pleasure that serendipity can bring about, it can also lead to the discovery of something new, special, and valuable.

The 3M scientist Dr. Spencer Silver was doing research on strong adhesives when he discovered the process to create a bookmark that could stick to paper without damaging it. That idea eventually became the Post-it note.

According to Aharon Kantorovich of the Institute for History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, ‘normal’ science is not conducted blindly, but by blind ‘mutations.’ In other words, a lucky turn of events.

These are what I call happy accidents, or better yet, serendipity, like the time I bumped into a perfect stranger who would later play an important role in helping to enhance my health. An unexpected gift from the universe for something I’d set as an intention.

These happy accidents nudge us to actively look for new possibilities in our normal walk of life, and that is why I’ve decided to include more of it my life. Here are 7 delightful ways to get more serendipity into your rhythm.

Get Out of Your Way

Don’t get caught up with over-censoring your internal thoughts and feelings. Truly experience what is happening in your surroundings. Be mindful of what you’re experiencing from moment to moment so that you’re highly aware of yourself and what is happening around you. In this way, you can recognize serendipity more effortlessly.

Look for Serendipity Everywhere

The metaphysics of serendipity works to align our vibrations to the vibrations of the universe. Serendipity also means the law of attraction. When something unexpected happens, or you discover something new and good for you, it’s just the universe matching the vibrational output of yourself. For example, say you want to attract money, and somehow out of your old worn jeans, money appears, it’s the universe working its mystic ways to allow you to discover that money.

The idea for the ice cream cone was birthed at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair when an ice cream vendor at the fair ran out of dishes to serve his ice cream.  The vendor next to him, Ernest A. Hamwi, came up with the idea to shape his wafer-like waffles into cones to hold the frozen treat. Voila! A delicious new treat was born.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is one of the most beneficial ways to attract serendipity. This is due to the fact that meditation increases the quantity of grey matter in the hippocampus and frontal areas of the brain, the part associated with intuition, a mechanism whereby insights come instinctively without conscious reasoning.

Get More Sleep

When it comes to serendipity, sleep is even more important than diet and exercise together. That is because during deep sleep state your brain strengthens the memories created throughout the day and connects them to the previous memories.  While, the prefrontal cortex is shut down, the brain is free to associate and process in the background. As a result, when you wake up, fresh ideas and insights come to you that you couldn’t think of during the day.

Visualize More

Psychologically speaking, your brain can’t tell the difference between what is real and what is not; the reason you get scared while watching a horror movie is that your brain perceives the action as a reality until you assure yourself it’s just a movie. In the same way, when you visualize things, your brain will believe it is real and therefore look for actual life events that match your imagination.

Believe in Serendipity

The fundamental truth about serendipity is that you must believe it is possible. Everything you perceive in the world passes through a set of algorithms in your brain; these algorithms are the mind maps of your belief system. Anything which is not in line with your beliefs will be discarded, even if its gift was hidden at first blush.

Spend Time in Creative Environments

Environment is an important aspect for attracting serendipity. This includes the people with whom you surround yourself, and the places where you feel uplifted, free for your mind to wander. Something as simple as a nature walk or a tidy room can influence your chances of having insights since a clean or interesting new environment helps remove mental blockages.

Life is full of serendipitous moments, but they can slip away as easily as they slip in. An unexpected or unintended but fortunate flash of brilliance can turn your life around for the better and could lead to something much bigger.

To increase the probability of those moments happening, try out the above methods. Next time you get an opportunity to attend a meet-up or deepen your curiosity of something, go for it with an open heart. It could turn out to be your serendipitous call!

If the last two years have taught us anything, it’s taught us to be open to new possibilities for our lives.


Nikki Chaplin
Nikki Chaplin
As a personal development coach, Nikki Chaplin is known for the transformation she brings to her clients. Her no-nonsense approach to uncovering career blocks and releasing paradigms is arguably one of the most effective approaches in helping those who are stuck break free, honor their passion and advance to new levels of achievement. Her greatest satisfaction is to see clients achieve what may at first seem impossible aspirations. As a former corporate manager, she brings with her a wealth of hands-on experience, as well as her ability to focus clients in the areas of their greatest strengths and chief goals. She not only provides the tools and techniques to achieve your goals, but she’s expert at providing guidance in supporting you to set and achieve your goals and, yes experience unlimited abundance.
"My mission is to help fiercely ambitious women create abundance through heart-inspired work and leave a positive legacy while passionately doing their most fulfilling work."
She is an author of three books, and her latest book, “How to Consciously Design Your Ideal Life,” is available on Amazon.

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