7 Online Sales Strategies to Overtake your Competitors in 30 Days

Remember what happened to Internet business seven or eight years ago? Single shops just appeared in the chain, which caused distrust. In principle, there are still people who do not trust the Internet, but now it is rather an exception to the rules.

3-4 years ago, the situation has already greatly improved. Shops were rapidly developing, and in order to get customers, it was enough to appear in the network and give at least a minimum of advertising.

What happens now?

You can offer quality products, provide customers with dozens of positive reviews, but it is useless. To run a really successful business you need a full-fledged strategy that you can implement and get results. And the niche and focus, in this case, does not matter.

Updates today require absolutely all businesses – from selling physical goods to providing educational services.

Let us move on to the strategies themselves. You will understand where I am going with this.

1. Make your shopping cart or payment process as convenient as possible.

Do not demand too much from visitors. The man has already decided to buy, he only has to complete the order. Here use mageworx advanced product options, try to be loyal to receiving the information about the client that you need. First, use a minimum of fields to fill in. Initially it is enough for you to know only your name and phone number. The city, specific delivery address and so on can be found out by phone when you confirm your order.

2. Improve the navigation of your sites.

Test every resource. And pay attention and selling pages, and other web resources. Test such indicators:

Download time. Optimal – the page loads up to 3 seconds at normal Internet speed.

Size of the buttons. Make all the buttons flashy and noticeable. To do this, choose the optimal size, color, font and so on.

A clear page structure. Try to make your texts logical. Each step and block of the page should pop out of the previous one.

Readable text. Pay attention to copywriting. This is the most important part of the selling page. Remove anything extra. Leave the most important things behind.

Contact information. Visitors may still have questions. Make sure they can contact you quickly and get answers.

3. Improve the user experience on your sites.

Gather as much information about visitors as possible to make suggestions that they will find difficult to refuse. So, if you sell physical products through the online store, you can add additional blocks:

  • “Previewed items.”
  • “You might like it.”
  • “Popular Goods”
  • “Latest”

4. Provide complete security to your customers.

Any data breach can have serious consequences for both you and your customers. So make your resources as secure as possible. Use the right platforms to create resources, constantly test your sites. It is recommended to make a secure connection, where all information is guaranteed to be protected from leaks. All our sites work on this connection. That’s why we are calm.

5. Optimize every part of the funnel for mobile devices.

Every touch of the client with your company must be optimized. What could it be? For example, an email newsletter. Try to make every email readable on any mobile device. Divide the text into paragraphs, add wide buttons, highlight important points and links.

6. Maximize your brand presence on the Internet.

For a successful business, it is not enough to talk about yourself only on your resources or in social networks. Users need to see that you are trusted by the big media, radio stations, TV channels, opinion leaders, and so on. Try to be everywhere you can.

7. Use feedback from customers

Why come up with a bike when you can just take its circuitry? Do you keep trying to come up with new chips in business to please your customers? Why not just ask them what they want. It’s an absolutely banal and simple step, but believe me, only a few entrepreneurs include it in their promotion strategy.

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