7 Mindset Keys to Stay More Positive

Most if not all of us have a monkey on our shoulders or that nagging self-talk that keeps our Mindset negative. Often that is nothing but the negativity bias that is meant to protect us from real danger. Yet today we live the safest and best times that humans have ever lived, so this pattern is mostly unconscious for many.

This protection mechanism gets triggered when we watch the news, talk to people who are negative or we feel afraid and so we keep playing small. On the other hand, Positive Mindset and outlook in life keep us moving forward and striving towards bigger and better goals. It also helps us to activate our Passion(s), pursue our Potential, and find Purpose in our lives.

I have personally managed to slay those negative demons and cultivate a positive Mindset coupled with an exciting outlook on life.


Here are 7 Insights that have helped me along the way…

Input Shapes our Outlook on Life.

–Zig Ziglar

What we take in has a huge influence on us. I have personally not watched TV since I left Finland in 2001. Today, setting an Intention of what I want to achieve before I get on social media has helped me tremendously to not get derailed when engaging and connecting on different platforms. Also, staying in my own lane by supporting the people who resonate with me is vital. Great Books are also a fantastic antidote to today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

From Gap to Gain to Gratitude

This idea initially comes from the famous entrepreneurial coach Dan Sullivan. Especially as high achievers, we often measure ourselves by the Gap. What is missing and how far is left to go, that being towards the future or what we didn’t achieve in the past? Whereas this can give us the fuel for the short term, often in the long term it starts to deplete our energy.

So, changing measurements from Gap to Gains is a terrific way to stay more positive. We look at the achievements and what’s going for us in the present.

Coupling these Gains with Gratitude will further boost positivity and support us moving forward.

Future Based Lifestyle

I personally like to live in the exciting future a lot more than in the known past. I like to look up to challenging goals and draw energy from those to my present. Remember that every day we have a choice to watch the negative news, stay with uninspiring people OR Pursue our Goals and Dreams with passionate and driven fellow achievers!

I take the latter, Thank You very much!

Never forget the taste of Failure.

–Roy Kowarski

This stuck with me when a good friend of mine Roy said this during one of our conversations… Even if I like to live in the exciting future, we also need to know what we are moving away from… This might sound counter-intuitive to staying positive, yet when we have truly lived and felt the opposite of Positivity, we can stay more grateful about the present and look for positivity in the future!

People, Spaces, and Places

As the knowledge input matters to outlook in life, so does the environment. The more positive people, spaces, and places we put ourselves into more of that positivity will rub on us.

Want to become more successful? —hang out with successful people. Want to be more positive? —find the environment that supports that!

For me personally, Ocean and Mountains are the ultimate breeding grounds of my positive Mindset. Nature never has a bad day. It never lies to you, gossip, or gives you a distorted view of reality. Ocean and Mountains are real and raw. Find your spaces and places that are recharging, uplifting, and supportive of your positive growth.

Be more Mission Driven

What drives you? Are you on a Mission to make a difference or create something meaningful…? When we connect with Purpose and Meaning that is larger than ourselves, it almost automatically changes our mindset too. Often there is no time for negativity when our Mission is larger than ourselves, our negative thoughts, and emotions.

My Purpose is to teach, Coach and Train. It has always been that in some shape or form. This year I’m on a mission to Positively impact 100 people via my private Coaching, workshops, and through my writing. Are you or would you like to be one of them!?

Do more of What make YOU come Alive

Live more with Passion! There is no doubt about it that people with Passion are also positive in nature. When you can connect and unlock this fuel source, it becomes positively addictive and other people want it too! To me, Passion is in the Doing. It is something that we do and contributes to others.

What are the activities that give you Energy? When do you feel the most alive? When was the last time you realized that time stood still or speeded up?

These are all signs that you were doing something in the Flow and surely with Passion. The byproduct of these activities is most often extra positivity that keeps us going for more of what’s good for us!

I trust that this article helps you stay Positive and change your Mindset when needed!?

Stay Connected – Stay Positive.


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Tuomo Vauhkonen
Tuomo Vauhkonen
Trainer, Speaker & Coach. Peak Performance and High achiever's Lifestyle advocate and a Change Agent! I Coach Performers and High Achievers to optimize their lifestyle. Offering improvements in the areas of Mental Clarity, Emotional Resiliency, and Physical Mastery by building empowering Habits. Many of us feel stuck in today's over-stimulated world. We need to take back the control of our own Mind, its Focus and to create Momentum towards a More Meaningful Life that is in Alignment with our Values and Beliefs.15+Years of traveling the world, living in 8 different countries (4 continents) experiencing different cultures, people and their habits has given me a deep understanding and perspective of human behavior. The four main pillars of my Coaching philosophy are Purpose, Clarity, Resiliency, and Mastery. Watch my TEDx talk; Why lifestyle matters more than happiness? Empower & Embrace your Journey,

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