As time goes by, many people realize that they do not need a 9 to 5 job to make a sustainable income and that they can set up offices in their own homes. You can be your own boss with a little effort and a working strategy. Some people work online to achieve this, but have you ever thought about starting a home improvement business? Home improvement is a perfect business venture if you are well acquainted with the ins and outs of home repair and facelifts or a certain part of it.

All you really need to set up a successful home improvement business is to be handy about one or more aspect of home improvement and take total advantage of it. Likewise, you can hire or go into partnership with someone who knows the business you have in mind.

Check out these killer ideas for home improvement, who knows, you might just get

  1. Stained glass
    If you like handicrafts, then the stained glass business could just be the thing for you. All you need is a few months’ worth of learning, and you are good to go. You can find a free course online, but hands-on practice with a teacher is preferable, so it is best to go with a workshop. There are two ways to approach stained glass business. You can make and sell products such as lampshades, windows, sun catchers, decorations, etc. You can also set up a workshop to teach others this skill. The best thing about stained-glass business is that it will cost you very little to jump-start; you can start with as low as $1000 and take it from there.
  2. Home cleaning business
    Home cleaning is not restricted to reality shows like How Clean Is Your House. So long as you are meticulous and crazy about transforming stained sinks into see-through glasses, you will not lack customers. You do not require much capital to start a cleaning service, plus it’s pretty lucrative if you’re doing a good job. It’s one of those businesses where clients just cannot help referring others to you. You can also easily branch out into commercial cleaning such as cleaning offices or vacated apartments. Placing adverts on dailies or launching a blog that invites local home-owners, is a great way to start marketing yourself.
  3. Appliance repair
    If you’re that nerdy mom or a skilled stay-at-home dad, you could start to repair home appliances for your neighbours and before you know it, you have a fully-fledged business on your hands. People don’t like to buy new things just because the old ones are having glitches—well unless they are loaded. If you are a genius at prolonging expiry dates of fridges and blenders and vacuums, then you are open for business. The sweet part is, you can charge three times the minimum wage an hour for these services. Generally, people call air condition service when the central air condition breaks down, and they break down a lot. The thing is, those gentlemen can take their time. If you can fix your own air condition, chances are that you can fix somebody else’s. Why not polish your skills and give the lazy air condition service a run for their money?
  4. Polishing and painting
    One of the easiest but highly profitable home improvement business ideas is polishing furniture and painting around the house. Furniture and wooden surfaces usually become dull after a while and lots of people will be quite willing to have them polished sprayed. Not everybody can pick up a brush and paint and re-paint the walls around the house either; this is where you come in. You will require some skills to paint walls and polish furniture—why do you think lots of people can’t do it? However, a few months of training should set you up
  5. Plantation shutters
    If you’re good at interior design, you might want to consider plantation shutters. They are interior shutters that spot wide louvers which is actually what gives them an elegant look. One of the best providers of made to measure plantation shutters is They offer a wide range of shutter styles for windows, doors, wardrobes and even. These expert designers offer plantation shutters made to measure especially to suit your needs. If you’re looking to know more about plantation shutters, you can check out their website through the link above.
  6. Water pipes and drainage repair
    You may not know just how many times water pipes and drainage systems burst in homes, but this is common. Toilets and sinks are also jamming on a daily basis and it takes some waiting just to get a plumbing company to come and take a look. If you have a plumbing background and you can fix jammed sinks blindfolded, then you are sitting on very lucrative skills. You can get paid $70 and above an hour just to get the toilet to flush again.
  7. Gardening and trimming service
    If you are crazy about gardening and sticking your hands into the dirt, you can turn it into a full-time business venture. You do not need much experience either to become a home-based gardener. An upside to this business is that there will always be a demand for gardening services which include pruning, watering, planting, decorating, trimming, etc. You can easily secure regular clients, and you can earn decent wages an hour. If you possess a degree, however, in landscaping, you can earn even more in redesigning gardens and outdoors to suit the needs of your clients.

Once you land a home improvement business idea, learn all you can about it and try to find out if your local government has some legal requirements you must fulfill. As we have established, almost all the business ideas listed above require little capital to get them up and running. Get the documentation you need—you don’t want start on the wrong side of the law—and jump right in, who knows, this might just be the breakthrough you always wanted.

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