7 Attitudes You Need to Look for in A Financial Advisor

Your financial health begins at home, but it’s nourished with the help of a financial advisor. If you’re in the process of planning your financial future for the first time, you might not know what to look for in a financial advisor. If you’re not new to the game, perhaps you want to know what to look for in a new financial advisor. Either way, the way you view your finances is directly related to how well you work with your financial advisor. You should never settle for a person or a company who makes you feel as if you’re not important, engaged in the process, and excited about the future. The professionals at Northeast Wealth Melbourne Financial Planner want you to know there are seven attitudes to look for prior to hiring your new financial advisor.

A Great Reputation

Everyone knows that a great reputation is important, but there might be something to a financial planner who has a less than stellar reputation. What does this mean? It’s simple when you break it down. A great reputation might be a starting point. If people everywhere recommend one company or one financial planner because of their great work, it’s a great sign.

However, sometimes the people with the worst reputations are the best at what they do. For example, a financial planner who has a reputation for being too aggressive, less friendly, or not much of a people person might end up being the best financial planner on the block. They may not waste their time coddling you so they have more time to make money for you. Don’t ignore those with a less-than-perfect reputation. Give them a chance, too.

A Good Attitude

A good attitude is a must. You cannot work with someone who has a bad attitude about your finances. The right advisor has a good outlook on your financial future. They help you figure out what you may not be doing right, and they offer you advice to make it happen. For example, a financial advisor who takes your minimal portfolio and comes up with multiple ways to improve it has a much better attitude than someone who tells you it’s too late to make positive changes to your portfolio.

A Specific Level of Confidence

Do you feel confident when you speak with your financial advisor? Do you feel as if they are working for you? Do you feel as if your advisor has your best interests at heart? If you don’t feel these things, you might not be working with the right person. The person handling your money and advising you on how to handle it yourself should inspire confidence in you. If you don’t feel this way, it’s time to move on and look for someone who does embody this quality.

A Proactive Approach

A good financial advisor takes your calls and returns messages right away. A great financial advisor calls you first. When someone is proactive, it helps you feel more confident in their abilities. Your advisor should call you to discuss updates, changes, and new opportunities. If you’re doing all the calling, you’re not working with someone who is proactive. Your planner should be able to focus on your goal without panicking. They should take an approach that’s strategic rather than frantic. A great advisor doesn’t encourage you to jump ship and work with only the hottest of the hot stocks every time you turn around. They’re patient, positive, and focused on the long-term success of your portfolio.

They Don’t Overpromise

No one can predict the future, so don’t let your financial advisor make promises they may not be able to keep. An advisor who promises to make you this much or that much money is not a person you want to work with. The right advisor knows the market shifts multiple times a day, and they will never make a promise to you to do anything other than guide you and be there to help when and if things don’t work out in your favor. The financial industry ebbs and flows, and no one can promise anything. If you find yourself working with a financial advisor who makes promises, walk away from that situation and work with someone who has realistic goals.


Everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t give a financial advisor a chance to work and earn experience, you won’t find them capable of growing. However, you want a financial advisor who has experience in the field. At the very least, you want a brand-new advisor to work for a major company with years of experience. There are people there who will mentor and train your advisor, and that is something that should provide you with peace of mind. Your money isn’t safer with an experienced advisor, but you don’t want someone who doesn’t have at least a team of experienced help in his or her corner.

You Work Well Together

Do you work well with your financial advisor? It might not be something you put high on your list of priorities in looking for a new advisor, but it’s important. It’s important you have a good repertoire, and it’s important you can speak to your advisor bluntly and without fear. You won’t agree on everything all the time, but what partnership does? Ideally, you should be able to share with your financial advisor your concerns. You should be able to ask questions. You should be able to focus on what’s important while working alongside one another.

Finding the right financial planner is imperative. You must trust this person implicitly. They are working with your money, and you need to be sure they are going to handle it as carefully as they would anything fragile. Listen to your gut instinct. If you feel someone is not quite right for your financial needs, don’t hesitate to offer a kind word of thanks before moving on to find someone who makes you feel more comfortable.

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