60 Seconds: Sharing Good News! Don’t Give Up!

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Join me and BIZCATALYST 360° as we celebrate being selected as the Showcased Featured Contributor through September 2022!

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Hello and thank you Dennis & Ali Pitocco, Chief ReImaginators listening in Lutz, Florida! Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is Stories From Women Who Walk with 60 Seconds for Motivate Your Monday and your host, Diane Wyzga.

Imagine it’s another Monday morning, you power up your computer, open the Inbox, and read this from the good folks at BIZCATALYST 360° who have brought us A DECADE OF STORYTELLING POWERED BY THE BEST WRITERS ON THE PLANET:


Dear Diane:

CONGRATULATIONS! – We’re pleased to confirm that following a spirited discussion amongst our Editorial Team, you are the Featured Contributor that has been singled out for “showcasing” front & center on our Home Page within our “360 NATION LUMINARY SHOWCASE” through SEPTEMBER 2022. Beyond the caliber of your writing, primary consideration supporting your nomination/selection for this prestigious ranking was your active reader engagement – so important to our global audience.

Please visit our Home Page and scroll down to the center to view your exclusive section. This highly-visible location presents a rotating selection of Articles drawn from your entire published Archives for all of our visitors to enjoy.

We are honored to raise up your amazing writing for the enjoyment of our global audience!


Dennis J. Pitocco

Now, if that’s not cause for happiness I don’t know what is!

Dear global listeners, I have a big ask of you: please take a moment to CLICK HERE to visit the BIZCATALYST360 Home Page where you will discover the most excellent writing goodness from many many voices around the world.

Practical Tip: And, if it’s “just another Monday” where you are remember this:

Don’t give up

’cause you have friends

Don’t give up

You’re not beaten yet

Don’t give up

I know you can make it good [~ Peter Gabriel]

You’re invited: “Come for the stories – stay for the magic!” Speaking of magic, I hope you’ll subscribe, share a nice shout-out on your social media or podcast channel of choice, and join us next time! Remember to stop by the website, check out the Services, arrange a Discovery Call, and Opt-In to stay current with Diane and Quarter Moon Story Arts and on Linked In.

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Diane F. Wyzga
Diane F. Wyzga
Remember the first time you rode a bike and took your hands off the handlebars? And then because it felt fun and daring you did it again - and again - riding down a hill with the wind in your face, arms up over your head screaming, “Look, ma! No hands!” You showed up. You did it. The arc of my professional career stretches from serving as a US Navy officer and nurse, corporate businesswoman, lawyer, platform storyteller, and professor before shifting into a solopreneur as a litigation consultant, wordsmith-er/editor, noted podcaster, and story consultant who was lucky enough to scuba dive the Continental Shelf, become a pilot, hike the Rocky Mountains with Outward Bound, kayak off the coast of Mexico, parachute out of a perfectly good plane, walk the Camino de Santiago de Compostela, and so much more. Over my lifetime I've been letting go of the handlebars but - just as often - having my fingers pried off when I’ve been most afraid. At some of the darkest moments in my life where the true way was wholly lost to me, a person or opportunity beckoned and I said "Yes!" That’s the place where the story changed. This is my life purpose: Helping women identify, sort out and transform unclear messages into confident, connection-making stories, and those stories into powerful sequels. How? 30 years of story work in courtrooms, boardrooms, universities, retreat settings and more has taught me that story principles are key to conscious connection. Together we distill hazy ideas into easily understood metaphors and direct emotional language using words with power, passion, and precision so your message, your story rings true and achieves desired outcomes. My media company has three interlocking components: Quarter Moon Story Arts: "Shaping stories into sequels." Stories From Women Who Walk (podcast): "Like magic, the sorcery of stories is this: they help each of us to be seen and heard, to understand and be understood." My Life As Compost (blog): "What matters in our life is not what happens to us but how we respond, transform the difficulty into advantage, and tell *that* story."