60 Seconds: If You Are Busy Spend an Hour in Nature

Episode Summary

If you’re busy spend an hour a day in nature; but if you’re very busy, spend two hours a day!

Episode Notes

Hello to you listening in Hadera City, Israel! Coming to you from Whidbey Island, Washington this is 60 Seconds for Time Out Tuesday. They say, “If you’re busy spend an hour a day in nature. If you’re very busy, spend two hours a day.”

I have a few tips to help you begin to practice Time Out.

Start small by being gentle with yourself. Taking a few minutes to breathe in and out mindfully – aware of your breath entering and leaving your body – might one day become your daily meditation practice.

Consciously give your body a rest. Invite your feet to touch the earth. Encourage your shoulders to drop down. And, if you don’t quite feel like smiling, turn up one corner of your mouth and soon the other will follow.

The power of the pause. My teacher Thich Nhat Hanh pauses before he turns a door handle to enter a room, pauses on the threshold of that room before he enters, pauses before he gives a dharma teaching.

Question: What else can you do to slow down your own busy good self?

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Diane F. Wyzga
Diane F. Wyzga
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  1. Dear Diane,

    I have something to add. It may not work for everyone, but sitting on a bench or grass in the countryside beside a river; rippling waters caressing the mind and letting the serene atmosphere bless the heart with tranquility is my answer to this often fast moving, stressful world.

    • Thank you for the add-on, dear Simon.
      I can only imagine that if more folks chose to spend time “sitting on a bench or grass in the countryside beside a river; rippling waters caressing the mind and letting the serene atmosphere bless the heart with tranquility” they would feel as you have expressed.
      I myself am walking the tightrope between being productive and living life. Your consistent posts about the natural world and what you discover there are coaxing me to leave the computer behind, to live differently, to let go, to close doors. The very same things I put in my60 Seconds ….. s you hear there what I am teaching myself. And in the hope that others will hear & say, “What! You, too? I thought I was the only one.”

  2. Dear Loree ~
    I hope that your heart has a lifted a bit with Thay’s message & mine.
    I believe that when a story wants to be heard it will – regardless of the time.
    So it makes no nevermind that this was posted one day & you needed it another day. It arrived from where it was to you and that’s how it works. How do I know? I don’t. It’s a mystery.
    Every good wish to you, friend ~ Diane

  3. Power of the pause … so inviting and just what I need today as I speak later and find myself with a bit of a heavy heart.
    And so what if this was posted Tues and I need it Sat. There must be a reason. And I still couldn’t thank you more.
    Blessings Upon you, Loreexx