6 Ways Employers Can Make Their Workplace A Millennial-Magnet

Every business needs to accommodate its workforce as best as it can. The problem some employers have is figuring out how to accommodate the newest workforce generation: the millennials.

The following are six ways you can make your business a little more millennial-friendly. Sure, some of these changes are going to seem unorthodox, but it is simply the new way of attracting young talent to your business.

1. Paid Time Off

It is no secret, attracting and keeping millennials is a lot harder than some employers have anticipated. As an employer, you know it takes time and revenue to train new employees, so it is important that you take steps to ensure that your new workforce is happy. One thing millennials love is time off, and you want to provide that if you want a workforce that sticks with you over the years.

2. Consider Flexible Hours

Another thing you may want to consider is implementing more flexible hours. The up and coming generation values flexibility and you need to be able to offer that in spades. You are probably used to giving your employees a regular nine to five schedule, but this schedule doesn’t allow individuals too much freedom, and that is what they want. Now, there are a lot of ways to offer flexible hours; for example, you can offer a work-at-home option or shared hours schedule where two employees share a workload. These are just some of the types of schedules being introduced to keep up with what millennials want from their workplace.

3. Make Giving a Thing

Employers need to take steps to understand this generation as much as possible because it allows them to create an environment that millennials may love. For example, this generation loves to make a difference, so why not create a program within your business that allows your employees to make a difference within the company or within the community. It might be a good idea to highlight the ways your company is attempting to be a good corporate citizen. This is because millennials love the idea of working for a company whose ideals align with theirs.

4. Listen, Listen, and Listen

Millennials have a problem with loyalty, so it is not a good idea to give them ultimatums or declare that things in your workplace move to your own beat without any input. This group of young people will likely quit if they find out you are not the kind of employer who values their opinion or requests. Collaboration is something this workforce values, and that means you need to make sure you value it as well. No one is saying that you have to let your business be governed democratically, but you should definitely take suggestions, complaints, or requests as seriously as you can.

5. Transparency is Key

This new workforce also cares about transparency just as much as anything else. You are going to have to be open about what your company is attempting to do and what it is doing. The internet has given millennials the opportunity to learn about everything your company is involved with by simply clicking a few buttons. You do not want to be exposed when you simply could have been honest and explained your position, which is something this group of individuals will likely appreciate. Failing to be transparent may make some people quit because they feel like they are being kept in the dark.

6. Create Opportunities

Opportunities are still important to this particular group just as it was before, so just make sure you make that clear. No one wants to work at a company where the path forward is not clear. You need to outline steps towards promotions as clearly as possible so that your young workforce understands that you are on their side and are offering chances to move up within your company. Try to go over some of these steps as often as you can so that your workforce sees that you do care about them.

These are just some of the steps you can take to make your workplace more millennial-friendly. It is going to take some time to get used to, but it is worth it if you want to try to keep more of this young workforce in-house.

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