6 Tips on How to Reduce the Cost of Mobile App Development

In this highly evolving world, more than half of the population has a smartphone. It is also important for businesses to have a mobile presence in order to survive through the competition. Everyone uses a mobile app to solve their problems and queries. Customers usually have less tolerance power so if they don’t like your app they will hoop on to another to solve their issues.

Businesses need to have a simple and easily navigable mobile app that has very precise content and a highly engaging UI/UX interface.

Startups and small-sized businesses usually don’t have enough budget to launch expensive mobile apps. They should plan accordingly and think of ways they can reduce the cost of their mobile app development.

Check these 6 steps on how you can reduce the cost of your mobile app development.

1. Plan Well

The first and the most important step while taking any project is planning. The same goes for when you want to hire a mobile app developer.  Plan well, prepare a layout of what all you want to provide your customers so that they are satisfied and have the best user experience.

A mobile app will represent your brand’s image so plan very carefully as mobile app development is a time taking process and a cost is also involved in this process. So businesses should analyze their competitors, draw some different ideas and then finally hire the right mobile app developer that can fulfill all their requirements.

2. Request for per-project quotes

Be it a development agency or a freelancer, everyone has their own way of developing an app and asking for the payment. Some developers charge by per hour and some charge for the whole project it totally depends on their work type.

Building an app is a complex and time-consuming process. It also requires some maintenance after the launch of the app. If a business has agreed to be billed by the hour, the cost of the app may increase and the business will then face financial constraints.

So, it is better to ask the development companies or freelancers their per project quotes to avoid getting stuck at last and complete the app development process smoothly.

3. Try sticking with a team of developers

Switching to alternate developers has its own set of difficulties. Every developer has their own way and style of working. If the company hires a different developer in the middle of the project due to some issues with the earlier one it will be very difficult for the second developer to start from where he left.

The other developer might use different tools for development. These difficulties may impact your mobile app development process.

4. Sketch the design of the final product

It is a better way for developers to sketch their requirements of how the app should look and let the developers know about it. This will help the developer to understand your demands in a better way. The designer will get to know what kind of interface you want your users to experience.

Both developers and designers have a layout planned of how the final mobile app should look. This will reduce the time of developers to develop the app and eventually it will result in reducing the cost of the mobile app.

5. Choose a platform for your app

The process of mobile app development is an expensive process for startups and small businesses. So, it is very important for businesses to choose the right platform for their mobile app launch. While businesses can launch their mobile app on all three platforms, if you want to cut some of the costs from the start it is advised to just focus on one platform first and build your mobile app accordingly.

Building a mobile app and launching it on 3 platforms can be quite an expensive task. So focus on one platform where your target audience is present so that you can earn well and generate traffic on your mobile app.

6. Consider using a cross-compatible framework

Frameworks such as React Native and Flutter allow mobile apps to work on different operating systems. The cost of app development for different platforms will be reduced. Businesses will not have to pay to launch their mobile apps on different platforms.

End Note

Every business has its own financial constraints and limits to build a mobile app. So it is very important for them to plan well and find ways on how they can reduce their cost in the mobile app development process. Don’t make it more complex, keep it simple and include content that is relevant and matches your requirements. Adding too many complex things will slow down your app and even increase the cost of app development.

Cutting on the app development cost is not at all a tough job, a business just needs to take feedback and analyze the non-essential elements and remove them. Planning and documenting are the most important steps to pay more attention to them and then define your goals in the early stage so that you have a great app idea for your business, where you can reduce costs and save time while developing a mobile app.


Saugat Halder
Saugat Halder
With a rich experience of more than seven years in advanced marketing and promotional strategies, he has mastered the techniques of Digital Marketing. From working with some of the top-ranking agencies to sharing his knowledge to help others, he makes sure to incorporate his learning in everything he does. You can follow him on Linkedin & Twitter below.

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