6 Time-Tracking Apps To Boost The Productivity Of Your Remote Team

The telecommuting movement has been riding on the wave of popularity since the time it started. Nowadays, more American employees are doing their jobs remotely, according to The New York Times.

Though the remote working is often a win-win situation for both the employers and the employees, sometimes it becomes difficult for companies to maximize the productivity of their remote workers. And the main reason is poor time management at the employee end. Unnecessary web browsing, social media, and chat with friends are common productivity killers. What is the solution? This is what I’m going to explain next. In today’s article, you will learn about six time tracking apps that are sure to boost the productivity of your remote team. Without further ado, let’s dive in:

  1. Timely

Be it legal, advertising, architecture, or web development, Timely helps you manage your remote team of professionals. In addition to providing a live overview of your remote team’s activities, this powerful time tracking app enables you to monitor your team’s performance against key metrics. Also, Timely allows you to arrange your remote employees in different teams (based on the country or department) to easily manage teams and reporting. The best thing I like about Timely is it offers you live activity feed, meaning you can check what your remote employees are doing individually in real-time. And in a few clicks, you can create and share reports and timesheets for each member.

  1. TimeCamp

If you want a time tracker that can track computer activities and attendance with seamless integrations, TimeCamp is ideal for you. Its important features are billable time tracking, team time tracking, invoicing, and attendance trackers. With easy integration to all the leading project management software, TimeCamp offers one-click visual time tracking. The most useful feature about TimeCamp is it allows your remote employees to self-monitor how much time they are spending on unnecessary activities. By self-limiting losing time to various distractions, your remote team members can boost their productivity.

  1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is undoubtedly the most powerful time tracking app on this list. The main features of this app are time tracking, screenshots, web usage, payroll, and reporting. Working with Time Doctor is hassle-free, it can be easily integrated with all the leading project management, communication, and accounting software, such as Trello, Basecamp, Salesforce, Google Apps, etc. With accuracy to the second, Time Doctor not only tracks the total time, but also tells you how much time is spent on which task. The best thing about this app is screenshots. You can set the time interval for screenshot capturing of your remote teams.

  1. Paymo

Paymo is more like a project management app with features including planning, scheduling, task management, time tracking, and invoicing. With easy integration to Google Apps, Adobe CC Extension, GrandTotal, and more, Paymo offers a mobile app for Android and iOS devices. You can easily customize the display and layout of your dashboard. Along with manual time tracking, Paymo also provides automatic time tracking employing a desktop app called PaymoPlus for Mac and Windows. It is ideal for your remote employees working on multiple projects. Paymo is available in 18 languages.

  1. ClickTime

This powerful app makes the management of timesheets easier. It gives you total power – you can track time on your laptop or phone and approve employee hours. What’s more, you can easily manage budgets and plan employee time on the phone. In addition to time tracking, ClickTime can effectively track expense and time-off to better manage your remote team. Want to conduct any employee performance review? ClickTime offers powerful reports on employee performance and profitability.  ClickTime can be easily integrated with leading CRM, accounting and project management software, such as Salesforce, ZOHO, Infusionsoft, HubSpot, SUGARCRM, QuickBooks, NetSuite, Sage, Trello, Google Apps and more.

  1. RescueTime

RescueTime will provide you with an accurate picture of how your remote team spends time, enabling you to spot inefficiencies of your remote team member. It can help your team members create goals to increase productivity (like limiting time on any time-consuming activity). The thing I like most about RescueTime is it offers detailed reports telling you which applications or websites your team members visited. And you can check detailed reports that show how much productive your team members were to achieve their goals. Also, you will get a weekly email report showing you all the activities and the productivity score of your employees.

Time is money, and wasted time is wasted money. You can choose any of these six time tracking apps to maximize the output of your remote team without micromanaging your employees. What about you? Do you want to share any other time tracking app to increase the productivity of a remote team? Do share it in the comment section. I’d love to know about it.


Sandeep Rathore
Sandeep Rathore
Sandeep Rathore is a freelance writer and the founder of QuickScream, a platform to learn proven tips for small business success. He regularly contributes to leading online publications, such as Entrepreneur, Small Business Trends, Business 2 Community, Social Media Today, and many more. He is a big fan of American author Ernest Hemingway and actor Jack Nicholson.

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