6 SEO Secrets You Didn’t Know About


When we’re online, it’s hard to find exactly what we need. If you’ve ever spent dozens of minutes actively searching for the correct header image for your blog, you’ll know what I mean.

But who’s fault is that? Is it yours, for not being an efficient searcher? Or is the owner of the image, for not making it easy to find? Well, in reality, it’s neither. It’s just the way of things.

Standing out on the web is a lot harder than you’d think, which makes things tough for the searcher and the marketer. This in mind, it’s prudent for both parties to be aware of the inner workings of SEO, and several facts that could make all the difference.

Understanding people is better than understanding keywords


The web is one giant encyclopedia, and billions of people use it to find information. By understanding exactly what people are searching for, you stand a better chance of boosting your web rankings.

If you were looking for coffee shops in New York, what would you Google? The best coffee shops in New York? New York coffee shops? Probably the latter. Most web users keep things brief. Take the same approach with your keywords.

2,382,000 U.S. jobs were outsourced in 2015


Do they know something we don’t? Of those 2 million, IT and computer workers were at the top of the list – SEO isn’t a simple gig, after all. The fact that many companies are turning to providers like SEO North Sydney for help is indicative of that.

It’s all about persuasion

When you have a Google search of a term, you’ll see a host of results. Under the titles of those results are the meta descriptions. These descriptions, if done correctly, can actively increase click rates.

It’s all about being persuasive, and telling the customer why they should click on you, and not the millions of others. This isn’t a gift that’s taught, it’s a gift you have.

Number one search result gets 33% of traffic


And that leaves plenty left over for the rest of us! 33% isn’t as high a figure as you’d expect, given how easy it is to click on the top page.

Google Plus is a hidden weapon


Most thoughts of social media pages instantly land on the obvious giants dominating that space. Google Plus usually gets left in the dust, because it missed that boom which made Facebook and Twitter dominant.

But it’s more powerful than you’d think. Is that really a surprise, when it’s linked directly to Google? Plus can help you take your SEO to the next level, so don’t neglect it.

Keep an eye on Google updates

Google frequently updates its search algorithms, which can have catastrophic results. Sites have gone from thousands of views to hundreds of views, overnight. Google updates are a powerful SEO resource that isn’t to be ignored.

All the changes are listed in every update note that Google pushes out, so the information is there. It’s important to stay on top of things, and make changes to your own campaign to reflect the new search format.


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