6 Outstanding Villains From DC’s Stargirl

The best villains are complex characters that often steal the show from their good guy counterparts. DC’s Stargirl, from executive producer Geoff Johns, is a television series that understands the importance of a compelling villain in capturing the attention and loyalty of audiences, and it certainly delivers. Stargirl features more villains than you can count on two hands, and each one brings something special to the screen.

For everyone who knows that the baddies are the best part of any show, here are six exceptional villains from DC’s Stargirl:


Christopher James Baker’s Brainwave is a villain with telepathic and telekinetic powers. He’s a character that really grows on the audience as the series progresses. As more is revealed about his difficult past, the viewer learns much that renders this man in a new light. His motivations are complicated, and he wasn’t always the villain he is today. Despite his more sympathetic beginnings, he’s a bonafide bad guy who’ll do just about anything to achieve his goals, even if that means the destruction of everything he loves dearly.


The leader of the bad guys, Icicle, is a stupendously evil baddie with the power to manipulate ice, but he’s perhaps the most sympathetic of the villains in the series. His evil-doing ways are motivated by the devastating loss of his wife, and he sincerely believes his evil plans are for the good of the country. Neil Jackson’s portrayal of this icy character is captivating to watch, and you’ll find your eyes glued to the screen when he’s on.


Portrayed by Joy Osmanski, Tigress is a highly competitive and vicious villain. Part of what makes Tigress so intriguing is the contrast between her murderous bad guy persona and her seemingly average life outside her evil-doing ways as a teacher at Blue Valley High. She’s a powerful and brutal foe against Stargirl.


The murderous Sportmaster is married to Tigress, and he shares more than just a home with her. He also shares her homicidal tendencies. Neil Hopkins’s character is fascinating to watch as he hides his sadistic tendencies behind the image of a friendly guy.

Solomon Grundy

With his large size and incredible strength, Solomon Grundy is certainly one of the most intimidating villains of the series. Solomon Grundy is a zombie-like man that has killed or injured many of the main characters and their family members with the potential to do even more harm.


One of the top villains of Stargirl is without a doubt Meg DeLacy’s Shiv. Shiv is part high school mean girl and part knife-flourishing baddie. She’s got some real grievances due to her painful childhood and the medical experiments that she was subjected to. She terrorizes her classmates and is an exceptionally cruel person, but she’s a ton of fun to watch as the series progresses.

Stargirl provides a wide range of fascinating heroes that have audiences hooked, but it’s the bad guys that are the real stars of the show. The villains have very different motives, histories, powers, and personalities, but they all share the ability to make excellent television.

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