6 Major Car Upgrades That Can Boost Your Auto Business

If you’re an automobile business owner, such as a fleet manager or commercial driver, upgrading your fleet can increase your productivity. There are some minor car tweaks that you could do yourself. However, more complex vehicle modifications will require you to consult experienced mechanics. A handful of the right upgrades can make a significant impact on your fleet’s performance. From new tires to brakes, here are the top six major car upgrades that can enhance your auto business.

  1. Brake rotors and tire monitoring system

Brakes form critical safety features in any automobile and shouldn’t be overlooked. However, brake pads and rotors are under constant stress, and as a result, they usually wear out with time. It’s necessary to keep a close eye on the performance of your brake system. Consider making a brake rotor upgrade when your car’s old rotors are no longer reliable. Brand-new brake pads and rotors will provide a smooth braking experience and improve your safety.

Maintaining the right tire pressure on all four wheels also matters for efficiency and safety. When you’re driving on a long road trip, a flat tire or slow leak can ground your vehicle at the wrong hour. Install a tire pressure monitoring system in your car to keep track of the state of your tires.

  1. Cold air intake and infotainment

If your car engine can breathe better, it’ll run more efficiently. Upgrading your cold-air intake doesn’t only free up airflow to your engine system — it also fills it with cooler and denser air. Car engines love this upgrade for high performance.

 Infotainment technology is another vital car accessory that can boost your returns as a commercial car owner. More passengers will surely love to patronize your fleet if you installed infotainment systems in your vehicles. The age of infotainment may be new, but it’s becoming a popular trend in recent years. Re-energize your daily trips by installing a modern interface and speaker systems in your vehicles. These can provide vehicle occupants with endless entertainment and information.

  1. Back camera and remote start

Backup cameras are also becoming a gold standard in the auto industry. When you upgrade your fleet to have backup cameras, you can improve parking accuracy. They’ll eliminate the difficulties in reversing in tight corners. How about remote-starting your vehicle? Well, this vehicle modification will allow you to warm up your car’s engine at a distance. All you need to do is get a remote starter.

  1. Reduce your car weight

Reducing your vehicle’s weight will allow it to move faster. If you’re keeping a fleet of older performance vehicles, there’s a good chance that heavy-duty materials were used to build some parts. Until you’re able to do away with the excess weight on your vehicles, economizing your fuel may be a challenging task. One way to reduce your vehicle’s weight is to change your hood and trunk and replace them with carbon fiber parts instead. When you cut away your car’s excess weight, you reduce the intensity of the job it has to do to get moving down the highway.

  1. Invest in a new exhaust pipe

Believe it or not, it’s possible to enhance your car’s speed just by changing the exhaust. The exhaust intake mechanism is essential to the speed of any automobile. New exhaust pipes help unlock more power from the engine and allow you to enhance its horsepower and torque. Based on the particular model of vehicle in your possession, you could look at long tubes or shorty exhaust headers. These improve your car efficiency by moving air faster and efficiently.

  1. Upgrade your starter plugs

Spark plugs are vital engine components, and malfunctioning starter plugs can cause a lot of issues with the speed of your car. A spark plug creates a spark across a narrow gap and kick-starts the ignition process that’s needed to run your vehicle. Dead or worn-out ones can create a series of problems for your vehicles. Therefore, upgrade your starter plugs as soon as you sense that they’ll not perform up to expectations.

You may also consider getting new electric fans for all your vehicles. All automobiles have fans that suck air through the radiator to cool down the engine. While older cars have mechanical fans that draw power from their engines, newer automobiles perform better with electric fans. The above car upgrade ideas can improve your fleet efficiency if you own an automobile company.

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