6 Keys To Maximise Your Team’s Productivity

As a team leader, you set the expectations for those around you. There is always an extra step you can take to drive your team to exceed their goals, but how do we do this without working our teams to the bone? Let’s work on cultivating an atmosphere in which your team can truly thrive.

  1. The Essentials

How can you expect your team to succeed when the hardware around them is creating obstacles? Let’s get the essentials out of the way, your team needs high quality monitors, comfortable chairs and fast broadband. Another fantastic investment is in business printers as the benefits of a piece of paper should never be forgotten. Multiple studies have shown that we absorb information more successfully off of paper than off of a screen, not to mention the benefits to eyesight and focus by reading from a different source, and the sense of satisfaction from holding your work in your hands.

2. Setting Goals

Setting attainable goals is key for motivation and to give the team a target to unite behind. Breaking down large goals into smaller stages makes big projects seem less daunting, and ambitious aims seem far more achievable. You could set up a timeline on a wall and cross off each step as it is completed, that way your team has a visual representation of their accomplishments.

3. Define Your Roles

A major roadblock to success can be when your team starts stepping on each other’s toes. To avoid this, make sure everybody’s roles are clearly defined. Hold regular team meetings and delegate responsibility, while explaining why they are the right person for the job. If everybody is clear on their roles and their importance to the team, they will be more motivated, and the team relationships will be smoother and far more efficient.

4. Recognition

Nothing puts a smile on your face like recognition for hard work. You should always vocalise your recognition to your team and even provide rewards as incentives. This could be in the form of a bonus system or a rewards platform. Rewarding hard work is one of the essential roles of a team leader, so don’t miss it.

5. Communication

Clear and consistent communication could be the key to your team’s success. There are more options now than ever for online tools to help with streamlined and efficient communications. You can set up projects to share progress and common goals with the rest of your team, and with external collaborators. Set yourself up with a great communications system and you’ll all be working on the same page.

6. Environment

Your team will spend hours on end in your workspace, so you need to make it a great place to be. Consider the layout to ensure everybody has a comfortable amount of space, maximise your natural light and introduce some office plants for a breath of fresh air. A team’s morale is set by its leader. Try bringing in some pastries or biscuits to share around, greet your team with a smile and make them want to spend their day with you.

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