6 Best Examples of Artificial Intelligence you’re utilizing In Daily Life

The entire tech world is debating on the ramification of artificial intelligence and the part AI will play in shaping our future. While we may feel that artificial intelligence is at least a couple of years away from causing any crucial effects on our lives, reality says that it is already having an enormous impact on our daily life.

AI services give you the chance to finish your task in very little time, more efficiently and accurately. This revolutionary and latest technology helps to automate your tasks, quickly solve problems, speeding up the process, and making your traditional systems more intelligent.

Beyond business applications, AI has now entered the real-world scenario and is being utilized in mobile and web-based applications. It is likewise affecting our decisions and our lifestyles consistently. Don’t believe us?

Here is a glance at the six ideal AI apps that are totally redefining human lives.


Alexa is also known as Amazon Alexa. It is an AI-powered virtual assistant from Amazon. It was initially utilized with Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo smart speakers; however, presently it’s available on different platforms like android, iOS, and so on.

Alexa uses natural language processing, voice queries, etc. to offer many services, e.g., music playback, voice interaction, etc. It can create to-do lists, stream podcasts, play audiobooks, and set up alarms. Moreover, Alexa can provide real-time information on traffic, weather, news, sports, etc.

It has completely changed the way people used to check information.

Google Assistant

Google launched this AI-powered Virtual Assistant in 2016. It works based on the device’s language set to support a language, including English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Italian, and many others. Users can connect with the Google Assistant through natural voice, and furthermore with keyboard input.

It supports text and voice entry using Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI services to offer services such as voice search, making assignments assisting with tasks, finding information online, voice commands, voice-activated control, sending reminders, and translating in real-time.


Siri, the well-known virtual assistant from Apple doesn’t require a lot of an introduction, and it’s perhaps the most popular AI app. This AI-powered virtual assistant is accessible on major Apple platforms, e.g., iOS, iPad OS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS, and audios.

It utilizes voice queries and a natural language user interface (UI) to function. Furthermore, it can make calls, send text messages, offer recommendations, and answer questions. It delegates requests to several Internet services, moreover, Siri can adapt to users’ language, preferences, and searches.


Socratic is the most well-known homework and mathematics assistant application for both iOS and Android users. It has a superb AI feature that will assist you in making homework in less time with better practices.

You simply need to take a photo with your camera app of your homework with your camera application and it will quickly give you the concepts you need to figure out how to resolve the problem in the right way and in the shortest possible time.


Replika is a valuable app to boost your chats. It makes a conversation with its users much like a person/human being. The application can possibly lean users’ interests and the conversation that can begin as generic and offer more detailed and personalized answers.

With this app, you can save notes on the notepad, and track them effectively whenever you require them.


Cortana is the virtual assistant from Microsoft and it hardly requires any introduction. It gives hands-free assistance, answers questions, keeps notes, takes care of tasks, sets reminders, and manages the calendar.

It can record your significant data like videos, valuable files, images, and any personal information. It synchronizes your smartphone and personal computer. You can track your essential files from your smart device. Moreover, it assists with getting information about your #1 TV shows, series, sports, and more on your smartphone on demand.

Artificial Intelligence: The Present and the Future

As you can see, all of our lives are affected by artificial intelligence on a daily basis. Regardless of whether we are utilizing our smartphones, surfing the internet, using navigation, purchasing products online, wasting time on social media, or tuning in to songs on our favorite music streaming service, AI is affecting our choices in one way or another. Get advantage of this arising AI technology and take your business to a new level.

Currently, chatbots are one of the leading areas of AI development. Since AI development requires developers who can create sophisticated algorithms, you should spend more time on picking the best managed IT Services Company for collaboration. Choose a reliable and well-experienced partner for Artificial Intelligence services and improve your overall customer experience.

Let us know your thoughts on how AI is impacting our lives!

Author bio: Varsha Solanki is working as a Digital Marketing Strategist at GlobalVox Inc – A company with a strong team of experts in software engineering, artificial intelligence, UI/UX, and project management. GlobalVox has a strong team in computer vision and has successfully delivered projects in facial recognition, expression recognition, and more. Varsha enjoys reading about technology trends and sharing it with the world


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