5 Types Of Popups That Actually Perform For Elearning Industry

The reason behind all the negative reputation of popups is their incorrect use. It is painful for marketers to see popups bearing such bad reputation despite bringing immense value to the eLearning industry. So clearly, you’re thinking that using a popup is a good or bad idea for your eLearning business. The answer is, there are various types of popups, each with a different intention and purpose. Below mentioned are some of the types of popup banner ads for eLearning to help you make an informed decision.

  • Entry/welcome popups – We’ll start with the most dangerous type of popups, i.e. entry popups. You need to be extremely careful while using these popups. Why would anyone want to see something else when a website loads instead of the information he has come to see? That’s why entry popups are the most tricky. The only way you could benefit from entry popups is by offering something way more attractive than the information the user has come to see. For example, a popup that reads 50% OFF in bold red is likely to get a lot of attention, and the user will most probably consider what you’re offering. It is also advisable to use words like ‘Limited Period Only’, ‘Valid only for today’, etc.
  • Click popups – If you’re a cautious marketer and prefer a safer road, click popups are the best for you. These are the only popups that appear only after a particular action by the user. When the user clicks on a particular link, word, picture, etc., it clearly shows that he is already interested in what you have to offer. The user already does half of the work, you need to keep in mind that the other half is impressive and attractive (the popup).
  • Exit intent popups – Probably another dangerous type of popups (obviously after entry popups), i.e. exit-intent popups. They’re risky but also perform like no other type of popup. Their aggressive approach can prevent users from exiting your site or abandoning their cart. Studies show that exit popups can reduce the cart abandonment rate down to 40%.

They give the users another reason to stay for longer on your website. For example, a line in an exit popup can read “Leaving so soon? Here’s a month’s free subscription from our side.”

  • Scroll popups – Whenever we see something colourful and flashy, it catches our attention (even from the corner of our eye). Similarly, if a user is scrolling down a page (it clearly shows that your content is valuable) and comes across a colourful popup (which is supposed to add some more value), he will at least look at what it has to offer. It can simply be an offer saying “Sign up to get 20% OFF”, “Refer 2 friends to get your next video lesson for FREE”. Be creative and offer something valuable to the user.
  • Timed popups – Another interesting ball in the popup basket is a timed popup. As the name suggests, they are not intended for every user that visits the website and appear to the users who have spent a certain time on your website. Timed popups are used to maximise the interest of the users by offering something that they would care about. It is also a great way to build your email list and turn your readers into leads. The popup can be something like “Want a personalised video on your problem? Enter your email address and tell us your problem”. This drastically reduces the chances of the popup coming across as annoying, and rather it will be a problem solver to the user.


If pop-ups are used to deliver the right value at the right time, they are an efficient tool to deliver results and increase sales. With the right design and right content, popups can be your best tool to optimise your website.

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