5 Tips to Improve Your Small Business Website

Getting your business online is a valued method of setting yourself up for success. Small business owners have largely felt that they do not need an online presence as they serve the local market. However, times are changing, and everything is largely on the web these days.

Creating a website for your business is a mere start to achieving your business goals and growth. As a business owner, everything you invest in must bring in results. Your small business website will be effective if you make an effort to refine it for an easy purchasing experience. Here are five tips to improve your small business website and increase your conversions and sales.

1.   Redesign your site

Poor web design can hurt your sales and conversions. If you have been experiencing low web traffic, maybe it’s time to redesign your website. If you’re not sure if your site needs an upgrade, here are some signs:

  • Your conversions are decreasing
  • The design looks outdated
  • You received complaints about user experience
  • It looks unattractive
  • It no longer reflects your brand
  • It isn’t responsive
  • It isn’t optimized for search engines

2.   Make the website easy to navigate

An easy to use web design attracts and keeps traffic. Users want a website that they can easily access. Use categories to organize the type of content for users. You can have sections like About Us, Contact Us, blog, and others. When visitors want to view your blog, they can click on the blog icon on the navigation bar and explore what they want to read. Users are likely to lose interest when there are too many categories on the navigation bar. Keep them at a minimum to ensure they are all visible.

3.   Keyword-rich headings

When making posts on your blog, ensure that your headings are keyword rich. Keywords are crucial for search engine rankings. If you get high rankings on several keywords, then site traffic improves, which is good for every business. Create content ideas using keywords and use them in the right way to ensure that they contribute to the site’s growth. When working on content, do thorough keyword research and use the keywords in headings.

4.   Include customer testimonials

Testimonials are a great way to convince people that your business is worth visiting. As a business owner, you want to use customer testimonials to draw other clients to your business. You can even have a rating section where people give their honest reviews and provide a rating of their experience with your small business.

5.   Update plugins

Most self-hosted websites require site updates on several plugins. If you have such a site, you ought to stay alert on what needs to be updated. Additionally, updating plugins protects your site’s health. If you have no idea how to deal with website updates, you can consult a web designer to help you. They will ensure that all the required plugins are present to make your website secure and efficient.


Improving your small business website is a necessity, and making it a priority will benefit your business as a whole. You can reach out to a specialist to get your website redesigned and improved to meet the changing trends and demands.

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