5 Tips to Help Refine Your Employee Search

How you find your hiring candidates can drastically change the quality of the person, you see. Of course, every company wants the best possible; unfortunately, you might not come close to that if you aren’t thorough.

Instead of digging through every profile that’s active on a hiring website, here are five tips that will help your company narrow down the search.  Good help isn’t as hard to find as people think.

Previous Experience In the Industry

When applicants have worked in the same industry as your company before, it saves a lot of time that training someone new would take.  Although it doesn’t guarantee they can walk out onto the sales floor, or operate massive machinery, without a little touch-up training: this can save a lot of trouble.

Education that Pertains to the Job

Ensure that the education your applicants have pertains to the work. For example, some people think that as long as they have an associate’s degree of some sort, it will encourage a higher chance of getting hired: but don’t fall for them simply having a degree.

Encourage applicants to have degrees, or education in general, pertaining directly to the industry or role that the job calls for.  After all, you wouldn’t hire someone who studied astrophysics to be a chef; if the education doesn’t translate, you shouldn’t hire them.

Consider What Sites You’re Finding Applicants Through

Where are you finding most of your applicants?  Is it through a company-based website, or is it through a job-seeking and hiring site?  For the best results, you should have your applications available on at least three different websites.  This covers your bases on being found while also allowing you to have a manageable number of accounts to update or go over as time moves on.

Your company can do even better by using an applicant tracking system to allow for it to access which sites applicants came from, if they applied, and may help you realize what changes are necessary to gain more applicants.

How To Encourage A Wider Range of Applicants

Although it may seem too counterproductive since you’ll also get less-than-valuable applicants this way, consider seeking out a larger range of applications.  Through advertising, you can do this through advertising that your company is hiring on social media and using more than one hiring website to find applicants.  It’s a good idea to try and draw in a large selection of applicants because it allows for you to have a large range of choices.   Although you’ll get less valuable applicants: you’ll also get several more valuable ones.  More options are always better when hiring.

Someone Who Seems Eager to Work

Although there’s no such thing as a perfect employee, it’s a good idea to seek out someone who would be excited to work for your company.  If they seem to have a drive or passion for the industry you’re in, or they have a long history working in or studying about it: it might be a great call to hire them!  Someone who cares about what they’re doing will do far better than someone who doesn’t.

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