5 Tips to Build and Run a Successful Consulting Business

Setting up a consulting business is an easy thing, but the hard part is getting your first client and giving them a reason to stay. The moment you set yourself up as an established consultant is when responsibilities start hitting hard. On one hand, you have employees to pay. On the other, you have a string of clients waiting to be served. Your website needs content, and your marketing team needs resources to actualize your strategy. All these can be overwhelming, but you can circumvent the hassle and attain more administrative organization by planning ahead. Here are a few tested-and-tried tips for success as a consultant:

1. Always have a physical office

Just because you run an online consulting business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a physical office. An office portrays you as reliable and gives you an advantage over your rivals for clients who prefer in-person meetings. It also simplifies supervision and encourages teamwork. For startups and small companies struggling to remain within their budget frames, consider getting a flexible office space. A flexible office space is much cheaper compared to a conventional leased space.

2. Utilize technology

The world today is run by technology, and some of the world’s largest corporations can attribute their success to the ability and willingness to integrate technology into their operations. To reduce your workload, organize your management activities better, and facilitate remote consulting, consider using digital communication and management tools, such as UberConference, Slack, Severa, Calendly, Due, and Zoom.

3. Don’t underprice your services

Brands have used underpricing to attract new businesses for ages. While that may work for retail outlets that sell identical items, it may not apply for consulting companies or any business that relies on qualification, know-how, and experience to sell their services. Clients tend to associate higher prices with better services, so hurting your profits in the name of catching the fancy of customers may not always do the trick.

4. Focus on a single niche

The length of your service catalog won’t matter if you are half baked in each of those fields you claim to be an expert in. Focusing on a single niche may seem like limiting yourself, but it is bound to attract high-quality leads as it will portray you as a specialist. What’s more, dealing with a specific niche will give you the experience you need to better your services and expand your business over time.

5. Invest in digital marketing

This should go without saying, but new consulting businesses often skip this part in a bid to cut back on expenses. That’s a misguided notion because as much as digital marketing can be costly, it has a relatively high return on investment. You can almost be sure to recoup your money with a well-prepared and executed digital marketing plan.


Whether you have an established consulting firm or are planning to set up one, having a strategy can change your growth trajectory for the better. Use the above tips to streamline your operations and expedite your journey to the top.


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