5 Tips for Making the Better Video Content

Video content is the hot ticket item that all the top marketing brands are using. They are using video content both as their share trigger information and for their own marketing. Video has been a hit since TV started becoming a mainstream household item.

In today’s world, just about every home has a TV, and there is another growing medium that lets you connect with customers with your video content, smartphones. Since the invention of the smartphone, access to the internet has only grown, and more and more smartphones are being used to consume video content every day.

So how can we harness the power of video in today’s complex and connected world? By sharing it across multiple platforms. TV, YouTube, and Vimeo are all different and popular access points for consumers to see your videos. So how can you make the most of these platforms? By taking the time to produce better content. It can be done through many different avenues, like learning the trade or working with a video production company with high production values like these guys: https://c-istudios.com/video-and-film-production-services/

But, before you go running off to book your appointment, we have a few tips on making better video content that can help you get a better understanding of how it’s done.

Know the Goal of the Video

Have you ever seen a commercial that just kind of left you wondering what just happened? Like two people getting way too close on a dancefloor and a pop can shows up underneath their “dancing” with a logo and name. Seriously, what is that about?

There is a simple way to avoid making a piece of content like this. All you have to do is know the goal of the video. Maybe that video was made on purpose to stop people in their tracks to make them wonder what they just watched… and why. Maybe that’s the kind of trigger they are trying to use to make people look them up, or maybe the video creator missed the mark.

If you are the client, make sure you have a clear goal in mind for your video:

  • I want to make people associate fun and excitement with my cola.
  • I want people to get curious and look up my URL for my initiative.
  • I want to let people know my brand has a new face.
  • I want my customers to laugh and think of happy and funny memories when they use my product.

Picture Your Video

This part really helps you form the entire idea behind your video. If you can put that inspiration and goal on paper, you’re one step closer to creating better video content. To do this, try creating a storyboard for your commercial. Typically, a storyboard is a box for a picture with lines under that box for notes. The goal is to make each shot a picture with notes for each shot under it. You want to make a still frame or comic book style version on paper or a whiteboard. Being able to see the progression of your commercial will help you visualize the end product.

This should also be the time you go back and review every step of the video. You do this now to find holes in the progressions or story. If you wait until later, you will have to recall all the actors, recreate conditions, and ultimately cause your own production nightmare when you want one little thing changed.

Record the Parts

Now it’s time to actually record your parts. You will need actors and a nice camera to record the video. You want to go clip by clip if you can. Make sure you are breaking the filming up into different clips with your camera as well. The longer your clips are, the harder they are to edit. If you can use small video clips to create a visualization of your overall product, your editor will have an easier time. Just make sure you leave a clear second or two at the beginning and end of each clip when you film. If you start too soon or finish the recording too early, you might ruin the quality of your amazing shot. There is no fixing it once it’s done, and the same goes for background noise.

Edit Your Footage

Now that you have your video broken down into those small perfect clips, it’s time to string them together. Using video editing software like Premiere Pro and After Effects will help you create memorable content for your viewers. The ability to change and manipulate clips will help you make higher quality video content. People don’t just like to watch simple clips copy and pasted back and forth, so make sure you use video transition techniques to make your videos more interesting.

Share Your Video

Finally, you have your video. After all the hard work and effort, you have a final product that you love. That means there is only one thing left to do, share it. Using the platforms we talked about before, you can create large pools of engagement for your video content. Whether you are making an ad for a company, a personal project, or trying to go viral, these platforms can help you accomplish your goals for your video.

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