5 Tips – Creating Branded Content That Attracts The Most Viewers

Creating branded content

Branded content can be defined as content that is created for promoting specific brands. It’s one of the best ways to promote a brand. Content marketing offers 3 times more leads than traditional marketing, and it also costs 62% lesser than traditional marketing to launch a campaign, according to one study. It is one of the reasons why many marketers attracted towards creating a branded content.

Despite the fact that content marketing is one of the best ways to promote your brands, not all the marketers who have tried content marketing have succeeded. Some of the common reasons for their failure are:

  • Unrefined content marketing strategy
  • Low-quality contents
  • Not spending much time on content marketing

And so on…

What does it take to create alluring branded content? We will discuss this question in the next section of this article.

Top 5 ways to create a branded content that attracts huge no. of views

In this section of this article, we will be giving away top 5 tips that can help you attract large no. of viewers. Let’s see what the top 5 tips are.

  1. Differentiation

You must ask this question to yourself. Why would a large number of people be attracted towards your content? Before creating branded content put this question to yourself, and consider a few solid reasons for the people to read your content. Creating high-quality content is not only about finding a new story. It’s more about searching for a well-researched data to provide valuable insights to your readers.

Good content is more likely to be shared and bookmarked by the users. An influencer marketing campaign can further help in maximizing your organic reach.

  1. Customize your content

Be specific while creating brand content. Don’t try to make your content alluring to each and every type of person. We can see that the successful content designed by keeping a specific audience in mind, and you should do it too. Neither all the people are facing the same issues, nor are they looking for the same solutions. By being specific, you will attract audiences that are looking for specific solutions.

Being specific and customizing will help you reach to a larger number of people rather than creating general content. Bloggers Outreach can help you find the right person to create a specific branded content for your company.

  1. Make your branded content findable, portable and shareable

It’s not a good idea to be limited to publishing your content only on your site. You should focus on making your content findable, downloadable, and easy to share. It will drastically increase the reach of your branded content.

Furthermore, you should also focus on optimizing your content for all the major devices to ensure a larger number of audiences. The study shows that the people are spending more time on reading content on the mobile phone in comparison to a desktop.

  1. Publish early, Publish often

It’s difficult to know which idea might work out well for you. To get this insight, you should develop a broad range of ideas to create content. Publish your content early on a regular basis, and keep your eyes on the data. Analyzing the data will help you to know which ideas are performing well and which ideas are not playing so well. After getting the insight, you should move forward by focusing on the ideas that have worked better for your brand.

  1. Deliver your content creatively

Some articles go viral, and some pieces do not go viral despite having similar information for the users. Why? Content that delivers the story in a meaningful way is more likely to attract a huge number of viewers than others. One of the ways to deliver your content in a creative way is by collaborating with specialists. It can increase the credibility of the content. Another great way of providing your content creatively could be with the use of the recent technologies.

For instance, a chatbot is capable of customizing content for specific users, and it can also be used to respond to user’s queries. The Forrester predicts the growth of the investment in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) by 300% in 2017, and we can expect growth in the use of AI in content marketing as well.


Implementing these top 5 tips will improve your return on investment. Generation of more traffic means more leads, and you’re likely to build some loyal followers with your top quality content. There are many success stories of effective branded content campaigns, and these are the stories of the corporate giants like the Google, the New York Times, Toyota, and more. Effective branded content has the potential of to take your brand to the new heights as well.


Claire John
Claire John
CLAIRE John is a Technology and Internet-Marketing Adviser. Claire is passionate about utilizing her diverse skill set to develop online marketing strategies and create efficiency to enhance her client's experiences. Claire has also written for some helpful websites like RankWatch, ProvenSEO, TweakYourBiz, etc.

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