5 Things to Look for in an Official Translation Service

English may be the global language of business, but it isn’t always the appropriate choice for your next missive. Sometimes, you’ll need to translate documents, contracts, and research into Spanish or Japanese for foreign regulating bodies and investors — just to name a couple of languages!

When you do, it’s crucial you find a translation agency that can expertly translate the written word.

Whether you represent a pharmaceutical company needing a translation of its clinical trials or a law firm requesting court proceedings recorded in another language, keep these tips in mind. They’ll help you find the best translating agency for your needs.

1. Native Speakers

Translation isn’t always a literal process. Otherwise, anyone with a dictionary and the time to look up definitions could produce an accurate, eloquent translation. However, some texts require a greater understanding of idioms, stylistic details, and tones of a language.

These peculiarities can be challenging to capture for non-native speakers. They lack a native speaker’s natural cultural awareness, which can provide insightful context for their translations. As a result, native speakers can produce a more nuanced, expressive document.

If you require a delicate touch, you should look for a translation service like LingArch that only assigns native speakers to projects. In practice, this mean only those translators whose mother tongue is Spanish will be placed on English to Spanish translations.

This is just one example of the many languages a premier translation agency work with — the best boast translators who speak more than 120 languages!

2. Industry Specialists

While there are numerous translation agencies providing variety of services, you should look for an agency that employs professionals with backgrounds in specific industries.

If you’re in the legal, financial, or scientific fields, you need a translator who’s attuned to your industry’s unique and complex terminology in their native language. Make sure you look for an agency that offers technical experience and a meticulous understanding of grammar and style.

3. Speed

An efficient turnaround time is another important feature of a translation service. For urgent projects, you need an agency that can balance quality work with efficiency.

This kind of service is easiest when you partner with a global translation agency. These agencies have proficient translators stationed all over the world. Spanning several time zones, these agencies always have a team working diligently on projects, even on the weekends.

4. Variety of Services

Meticulous translation of a document is just one facet of a modern agency’s core language services. To keep up with an international organization’s digital, social, and mobile platforms, a translation agency must take a holistic approach to your business’s language needs.

To ensure an agency offers your growing company its full support, enquire about their range of language services. They should offer the following services:

  • Document Translation
  • Cultural Consulting
  • Global Marketing
  • Interpretation
  • Localisation
  • Staffing
  • Transcription

5. Certification

While a translation agency’s website is a great source of information about their services, it offers a highly curated view of their business. Certification from a third-party industry expert like the International Organisation for Standardisations (ISO) substantiates these claims. Only an agency that follows strict guidelines and standards can boast this accreditation, proving their process meets quality assurance.

The Takeaway

Finding an agency to handle your translation needs shouldn’t be a last-minute decision. It should involve some research to make sure your agency boasts all five of these features. Taking the time to compare your options will help you land on an efficient agency that produces accurate work.

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