5 Things to Do Near the Beach with the Family

Thinking of vacationing at the beach with the family? Not sure if there are enough nearby activities to keep them engaged? Beaches are tourist havens and they’re not just for the rich and beautiful. Families flock to the beach every year for the sun, fun, and family-centered activities. Read on to learn more about what you and your family can do on your next vacation to the beach.

1. Hit the Beach

Got kids? Pack a lunch and cooler and hit the beach several days in a row, if you want. You can spend the day splashing in the waves, snorkeling the shore, and shoveling sand into sandcastles. This will be a fun, family-friendly day full of sun, salt, and laughter. One you and your family will never forget. If you stay close by, you can easily walk to and from the beach, taking a break from the sun whenever you want.

2. Stroll Along the Beach Roads

Love a walkable beach town with kids? Head off the beach after a long day playing and stroll up and down the street where you can view the ocean and get some steps in. Many beach towns feature pedestrian-friendly shopping areas with lovely green space where you can also check out art galleries, bookstores, the cinema, and family-friendly dining. At the end of the evening, cool off with some ice cream before heading back to your lodging for a dip in the Jacuzzi.

3. Get Some Culture

If your kids are a bit older, locate the interesting cultural locations and activities available where you’re vacationing. Certain venues may offer incredible outdoor live music and movie screenings for free or a small price. There may also be indoor options such as musicals or plays where you can purchase tickets ahead of time. This is a great way to relax after a day by the sea.

4. Charter a Boat

A day trip charter is a fantastic way to enjoy your beach vacation. Choose a luxury yacht charter and cruise to the local islands, where you may be lucky enough to fund numerous tucked-away islands, pristine beaches, amazing underwater sea life, good food, and a bit of history. Alternatively, spend the day off the beach fishing, diving, and snorkeling off of your own private boat.

5. Dine on the Waterfront

The views along beach waterfronts are stunning and one of the best ways to relax and enjoy them is by having a meal on the coast. Explore the waterfront restaurants Miami Beach has to offer, and you’ll be longing to have a fresh, delicious seafood meal that was surely caught that very morning. Check reviews online or ask friends which waterfront restaurants have amazing food to go with their amazing views. There are different price points for the eateries so do your research before going – and don’t forget to book a reservation. These places fill up quickly due to their prime locations.

With so much to do on a family vacation on your beach trip, there is something for everyone: snorkeling, swimming, shopping sailing, fishing, dining outdoors, visiting museums, galleries, and the surrounding areas. What are you going to do first?

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