5 Things Employees Value Most In A Company

Employees are the glue that holds business organizations together. Alas, many companies treat them like machines that perpetually work in sterile cubicles we call offices. If you ask me, a business power is not wielded as a hammer, but a scepter of trust, expertise, and authority. Likewise, bringing business culture and practices closer to what employees seek can boost satisfaction and engagement across the board.

The benefits spill over to all areas of business operations, allowing the company to get ahead in the market. There’s no need to let your gut instinct or blind guesses rule the show. In fact, there are big discrepancies between what managers think employees want and the lists workers themselves have come up with. So, here is what they really want from their work experience.

Material benefits

Believe it or not, a paycheck does not top the list of priorities for workers. Still, it is an integral part of job satisfaction and what is more, employees they hold various incentives in high regard. Hence, providing creative employee benefits is something that enhances the retention and cut the costs of hiring new people.

After all, the job market confidence is high, and discontent workers can easily look elsewhere for better opportunities. So, it’s high time to reconsider health savings account (HSA), cost of benefit coverage, or consider adding new coverage conditions such as accidents and critical illnesses.

Job security

Furthermore, job security is still one of the main priorities. Living in the constant fear of losing one’s job is neither something that begets loyalty nor a way to achieve happiness. Now, this shouldn’t cover just worrying whether they’ll be fired or not.

Employees should have confidence in their abilities to handle the tasks ahead and feel empowered by the company. What’s more, they long to be appreciated and recognized for their contribution to the company. A tap on the shoulder is not as effective as stating that you count on somebody in the long term.

Personal growth

This brings us to the point that the growth of the company and its employees should go hand in hand. The best business owners and managers tend to share information, ensure employee training, and education. Additionally, workers must feel free to ask questions, give feedback, and suggest changes.

This is to say that the business culture of open communication is to be actively nurtured and supported. Such a climate is particularly important to younger professionals and millennials: Their chief goal is to achieve a meaningful work experience. Not every job is interesting, but good working conditions and ambiance make a real difference.

Work flexibility

Business flexibility and agility have become true buzzwords, which obfuscates the real value and meaning they have. First off, the employees highly appreciate the possibility to work on a flexible schedule and strike a better work-life balance.

In this day and age, when telecommuting and other practices gain traction, there is really no need to lock them in the offices. People, especially those with other (family) commitments favor jobs that offer flexible working hours and the ability to work from home. Flexibility can be reflected in the work environment as well, via the design of workstations, communal areas, and other amenities.

Capable leaders

Pushy, arrogant bosses are one of the workers’ worst nightmares. Now, managers who rule with an iron fist can never win true respect and trust. They’re dependent on the instruments of fear and sanctions and are unable to accomplish genuine discipline. On the other hand, those who lead by example and treat workers with respect are able to get the most out of them.

Employees want to be “in” on things and hate being left in the dark. It’s also interesting that they expect their superiors to be sympathetic in regards to personal problems. Indeed, the importance of good leadership has never been more important in increasing the productivity and gaining an edge in the market.

Wings of desire

Workers are not mere cogs in corporate machinery that have mere compensation on top of their minds. They are people with real needs, wants, and dreams. It turns out that some of the most valuable things hardly cost a penny. Every position has a role to fill, and it is not only big decisions that steer the company but also small day-to-day actions of those who are closest to the work process.

What workers want are promotion and growth opportunities, as well as a chance to work in a healthy, collaborative environment, under leaders who treat them like a part of the team. And rest assured that staying on the same page with workers pays off in more than one way.


Nate Vickery
Nate Vickery
NATE Vickery is a business technology expert mostly focused on future trends applicable to SMB and startup marketing and management processes. He has also been blogging in the past few years about before mentioned topics on various leading sites and communities. In the little free time left, Nate edits a business oriented website -

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