5 Subtle Ways To Impress Clients That Come To Your Office

Bringing clients to your office can be both good and bad. It’s good because most people are more likely to agree to deals when they’re face-to-face. This is simply because it’s more awkward refusing someone to their face, so you’re more inclined to listen to what they have to say. Similarly, if your office impresses a client, it can be enough to encourage them to seek out your services.

So, how could this be a bad thing? Well, your office can impress clients – but only if it looks good and you wow them. If it looks bad, it can have the opposite effect and encourage clients or potential clients to say no to you. Therefore, you should put all your attention to impressing your clients and leads when they visit your office. But, at the same time, you don’t want to make it too obvious. People hate it when they’re so obviously being treated differently or your efforts to impress look fake.

You’ve got to find ways of impressing them, but without them knowing what you’re doing. Here are a few ideas that work like a charm:

High-tech security measures

Clients will be really impressed if your office has some high-tech security measures in place. Not only does it make you seem like a forward-thinking and advanced company, but it also makes them think you take security very seriously. In turn, this makes you seem like a very professional enterprise that doesn’t take risks. A few security cameras here and there, some biometric scanners on the doors, and you will instantly wow any guests to your office.

It’s subtle because you should use this technology anyway. As far as they’re concerned, this tech is for your benefits – which is pretty much should be. The side effect of it is that it will impress guests, but the main reason to have it is that it protects your business!

People on the doors

Now, this isn’t something you need to have all the time, but you can arrange it for when clients are coming. The idea is that you have people on the doors, welcoming your clients as they enter the building. It’s actually very helpful if you’re in a shared office building as the welcomes can guide your clients up to your office. Plus, it just looks super professional and impressive – it shows you’ve gone the extra mile to ensure your clients aren’t left waiting. They’ll appreciate this, and it’s just subtle enough for them not to suspect that it’s all for show.

Which, of course, it is! There’s really no point in hiring people to stand at the doors of your office every single day. Instead, when you know a client has booked a meeting, get one or two people from your office to go down and meet them. It looks like they’re working the door, but really they’re all part of your master plan to professionally seduce the clients/leads.

A fancy bathroom

There’s every chance that a client might need to take a bathroom break during their time at your office. If your bathroom is horrible, you better believe it will reflect badly on your business. Even if the rest of your office is neat and tidy, a bad bathroom will undo all of the hard work. It will linger in the client’s memory, giving them second thoughts about doing business with you. Can they really trust a company that doesn’t take care of its bathroom?!

Consequently, you need to clean and polish every surface in your bathroom, making it gleam and look amazing. To be honest, you may even want to consider commercial bathroom renovations as a lot of offices just naturally have awful bathrooms. With a renovation, you can transform the bathroom into a splendid place that makes your business look incredible. Whenever a client has to nip to the loo, they’ll be presented with a bathroom that leaves them stunned. Thus, their opinion of your business goes up, leading to a higher chance of a positive outcome.

A clean and tidy office

It was touched upon in the last point, and you really need to make your office as neat and tidy as possible. Do you think someone will be impressed by messy desks and poor cable management? Will they be inclined to do business with you if there’s dust on every surface, stains on the floor, and discarded food items everywhere? The messier and dirtier an office is, the worse it will be for your business. Potential clients won’t seek out your services, regardless of how good the meeting goes. Existing clients will be more inclined to sever ties with you, meaning you miss out on repeat business.

By contrast, a clean and tidy office has the opposite effect. It’s such a subtle way of demonstrating that you’re on top of everything. Your office will look more impressive, and clients will love what they see.

Productive employees

Imagine you walk into an office and the employees are lounging on their chairs talking to one another. It doesn’t look like anyone is working – how does it make you feel? Naturally, you start to wonder if this company is professional. It makes you think twice about accepting their services, and you lose trust in them.

Now, imagine walking into an office that’s abuzz with activity. Everyone is productive, work is getting done, and all the employees seem highly professional. You start to believe this is the right business for you. This is exactly how clients and leads think when they enter your office and look around. If you’re in the first category, they’ll lose trust in you. But, if you can make your employees look productive, it leads to a positive perception of your business.

It’s all about making good impressions and encouraging people to do business with you. If you’re too in-your-face about it, nobody will want to obtain your services. The beauty of these tips is that they’re all very subtle, so you quietly push positive thoughts into your client’s heads.

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