5 Strategies To Move Up The Corporate Ladder

The generation of workers today has advice needs that differ from those of the past. Now more than ever, so many young professionals are looking for ways to zoom up the corporate ladder instead of merely staying in their current job position.

Of course, this isn’t to say that they’re looking for shortcuts. Millennial or not, there’s no shortcut to success, and it doesn’t come overnight. But surely everyone can use a tip or two on what they can do consistently at work so as to move up the corporate ladder.

That being said, here are five strategies that’ll help you make significant progress in your career:

  1. Identify What Your Career Goals Are

If you’re aiming for the top, take a good look at a COO job description, for starters. Do any of the responsibilities that come with that kind of job resonate with you? Is the position something you wish to achieve in five years? Ten years? Whatever your time frame, it doesn’t hurt to identify early on what your career goals are. These will help you adjust your activities and habits accordingly, such that every little move you make in your job is geared toward achieving your goals.

Here’s why pinpointing and setting career goals is important:

  • It keeps you motivated.
  • It helps you measure your progress.
  • It keeps you balanced whenever you accomplish something along the way.
  1. Determine The Milestones You Need To Reach

Now that you’ve got a list or framework of the goals you wish to achieve, you can then move on to determining the milestones you need to hit in order to attain those goals.

As you figure out the milestones you should target, see to it that you include any personal milestones as well. When you achieve them, they keep you motivated to keep moving upward and onto the next step to success.

Take things one step at a time as you would when climbing a physical ladder. Don’t skip a step or take any shortcuts as doing so may only hurt your ability to do more with your current job.

  1. Network With Others

Networking is another crucial part of your journey. Remember that in business and in the workplace, it’s not always what you know that’ll lead you to your desired job but whom you know. Networking with the right people can often get you the position you may have long been after.

The more people you know, the better this is going to be for your career. And don’t limit yourself to physical connections—online connections matter, too, especially in today’s digital age.

  1. Make Time For Professional Development

If you allocate time and resources to other facets of your life, you must also set aside time for professional development. This means signing up for online education, mentorship, and formal classes or any means of continuous learning. Look for and use various tools that’ll help you acquire your dream job.

Remember that learning knows no limit or end. You can make yourself more relevant in today’s competitive professional environment when you take the time to update the skills and knowledge you already have.

With the numerous advancements in technology, expect that some of the information or processes you know today will be obsolete or no longer applicable in a few years. If you don’t enhance your capabilities, then you’re not giving yourself a competitive edge against others who are also working hard to climb up the corporate ladder.

  1. Work As Hard As You Can

This doesn’t necessarily mean that all you’re going to do is drown yourself in work and forget about the other aspects of your life. It only means that during your entire shift every workday, you should put your best foot forward, handle your tasks as diligently as you can, and do more than what’s expected of you whenever possible.

The more effort you put into your job, the more impressive you become to your colleagues, mentors, and bosses. Plus, doing so trains your mind to consistently work hard and allows you to eventually get used to the greater mental demands that a higher position may entail.


Advancing up the corporate ladder typically centers around gaining your dream job or position. Not everyone wants to stay right where they are, and it doesn’t hurt to want to be able to do more. If you feel like 2021 is the year for you to take a big leap in your professional life, then go ahead and start applying the tips above. When you do, you’ll start seeing your career soar to greater heights in no time.

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