5 Solutions To Everything

Have you ever felt that if you could only figure that one thing out, everything would be just fabulous?

It could be anything from a work-related issue, a relationship obstacle or the lack of optimal health. You might be in pain or feel lost looking for the passion so many talks about. Searching, always looking for that one accomplishment or discovery that will change it all. That will make life better, and end the search.

Me, I was always the solution seeker. Not only for myself but for absolutely everybody. When anyone on my path needed anything, I had a new project. Google should have paid me, seriously.

Constantly seeking, searching, helping and pleasing. Figuring out everything as if life was a race towards a finish line, where I, would be given a grand price. The “you solved everything” award.

I never got the award, and I finally stopped searching. After being bedridden for years, chasing every therapy and diet out there, I just stopped. I had found it. The solution to everything.

Imagine that! Not exactly as I had imagined it to be, in fact very far from it.

5 solutions that will change absolutely everything:

  1. Life is not something that needs to be figured out or solved. It is a reflection of how we feel and think. What we perceive as real is a piece of our own breath of life, created by the intent in our hearts.
  2. Go with the flow. Being able to embrace the fact that I could let the search go, and simply go with the flow was huge for me. The struggle comes from paddling upstream. When we let go of the need to mentally understand and control, downstream opens its gates. We are able to flow with life, allowing in grace and beauty in everything.
  3. Trust in your own ability to do the right thing. You are a good person, and you will always know what to do if you listen to your heart. In silence, we will find the answers, not from searching, but from allowing. The answers are already there.
  4. Allow your amazingness. Just allow. We tend to keep ourselves from expanding and growing by putting down and suppressing our own grandness. Imagine knowing you were always good enough, able, worthy and capable? The trust in nature and creation, seeing ourselves as a part of that grandness will let us create in confident. Acknowledging our passions and true purpose.
  5. Get over it. Sometimes, or most of the time for many, we are so stuck in our heads, our ego, it is close to impossible to feel content. Always wanting and desiring more. Nothing is ever enough. We have cravings for more because we have forgotten who we are. Forgotten that we are creators. Conscious beings of lights, here to serve, not to find solutions.

By being of service we are also utilizing our gifts. They are given to us, as a service to the world. So, by using them we are blessing others, and by doing so we are blessing ourselves. It transforms our whole life to let our talents flow. A musician does the world service with his or her music. Touching souls and raising the vibration.

When you express yourself though enthusiasm you are inspiring others to be of service as well. The ripple effect is unstoppable. Just by being happy, you are serving. So, you see, in term, taking care of you, is of great service to humanity. So simple, so profound.

Create through the clarity of your own vibration. Create your desires and let the manifestations that come from it be the service to this world. Being of service does not mean you are going to fill a void of lack. Not at all. It simply means being in your own flow, so that the whole world will benefit. You are unique and the world needs you. Not as a pleaser, but as a contributor of your true self and passion.

A life lived with passion willingness to be of service will never let you down. The power of creation will manifest a tenfold return. Not as a means of thank you, but as a natural part of the flow of creation. Let your life expand beyond the daily routines of work and obligation. Let there be room to give back, and to receive. You might feel drawn to donate to a good cause, volunteer at a soup kitchen, an animal shelter or a crises center. A neighbor might need a strong hand. You might feel drawn to charity work in your community or to spend your life travelling the world sharing a message of hope and inspiration. It does not matter. By walking you walk and your own talk, you are always enough. Leave your heart open to new ideas. Be inviting, and watch how life unfolds at a new level. All you have to do is live.

True freedom is knowing that the power is within us and that we are the ones in charge of our own lives and experiences. There is nothing to fix, only to allow. We, us, the God force and creation, all one as we serve to grow and expand. At the same time, all we can do is simply to be.

Being the change,


with love.

You are unique, and that in itself is enough. Be true, be real, be loving and be present.

You are a gift.

Give it!


Hilde Larsen
Hilde Larsen
HILDE Larsen, known as the one who Inspires, is the owner and founder of Inspired by Hilde. She is a certified Health and Success Coach, a Raw Food Teacher, an Author and a Certified Detox Specialist. She is an Inspirational keynote speaker, a Blogger, and has her own YouTube channel. She is the author of three published books: From HELL to Inspired, Know The Truth and Get Healthy and No More Bullshit. She also creates online video programs and has her own membership site Inspired Members. Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, she and her husband of 29 years have a second home in Florida, USA. She is a proud mother and grandmother, and a tree hugger at heart. Called by nature and spirit, she is inspiring many to take back their power. She is highly intuitive and has a strong connection to Mother Earth and the spiritual world. Her glowing enthusiasm for health and vitality has the leading role in her work.

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