5 Significant Ways Technology Has Changed Accounting

Technology has played a major role in revolutionizing the accounting industry these days. It dramatically transformed accountancy over the past years and made some rapid developments in all its areas. This innovation caused by technology to the accounting realm is not just all about numbers, rather its entire process and risk areas.

Accounting has evolved through the years, from having to work with pen and paper to being paperless. It has really come a long way today and thanks to technology, it helps all the accountants and auditors from across the globe to perform their work easier and more conveniently.

As a professional with a Diploma of Accounting degree, you can now focus on delivering your tasks efficiently by having more actionable and deeper insights about financial controls and statements. You will be able to put more attention to things that truly matter, spend lesser time in administering audit, analyze bigger volumes of audit-relevant data, as well as identify operational risks and fraud at an early stage.

Hence, here are some ways on how technology has changed the accounting world:

Cloud computing

For the past years, cloud computing has been one of the greatest offerings of technology to mankind. It is the practice of running applications online, instead on a personal computer or local server. With this, the accounting sector has adopted this practice, making paperless accounting a trend in the industry. Not only has it had environmental advantages, rather productivity merits as well. Each business can now easily collaborate online with the clients and the team and have an idea of their present financial condition.

Mobile accounting

Working through the use of your mobile phones has been a trend nowadays, especially for small business owners. The smartphone technology brings flexibility and convenience to both the clients and business owners. Apparently, you can manage your accounts, track financial data, and record expenses while on the go. Thus, mobile accounting means being able to operate well remotely, giving you the opportunity to establish more international accounting partnerships.

Improved security

The most evident development of accounting with the help of technology is its enhanced security. You are sure enough that all your vital business information are encrypted to avoid unauthorized use. More so, everything is kept confidential, especially now that data are easily accessed through passwords and computer identifications. You are confident that security is tight and no one can effortlessly share your personal business data.

New hazards

Technological advances always come with risks. By simply putting all your business’ information online, you somehow lose possession of these data. With the threat of hackers out there, everything is not safe at all. Even when your devices get lost, retrieving important files could be a challenge. However, you can still counteract these things by being prepared at all times and having a backup plan.

Optical character recognition

This new accounting technology will enable accountants to spend less time in processing documents. There is no need to input receipt information manually, for the optical character recognition (OCR) can upload these online.

These changes mentioned above are just some of the benefits that the accounting industry has obtained through technology. Indeed, technology takes a huge part in transforming accounting, making all the professionals in this field work better and faster.

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