5 Rock Star Reasons To Add Video To Your Press Releases

press-pr1  Increase Your Press Release Visibility by 500%+

You don’t have to look too far to find extra stuff that takes a press release from typical to rock-star status.  Online video is the big one!  It’s a hit with audiences of all ages, and that includes journalists that run across your press releases.

Many and varied sources confirm multimedia releases see more than 500% increase in visibility.  A text release with just one visual increases views by 92%, so why not reach for the big numbers?

2  Adding Video is Affordable

Rather than continuing to give you more reasons to incorporate video into your releases, I want to cover cost right up front.  Believe me, this type of success is within your budget.  To date, I’ve found PRWeb to have the most economical pricing for including multimedia to illustrate news stories.

For less than $350, you get 500-800 recommended word count along with the ability to embed your YouTube / Vimeo video, add photographs, logos, infographics, PDF documents, and more. Other wire distribution services vary in pricing, and they typically add $100-$125 to their text-based distribution fees.

3  Stand Out from the Pack

Since close to 90% of press releases do not include a video, imagine the impact you have by including a video related to your news.  As journalists scan their “keyword” news stories of the day, releases with videos stand out.  Google and online digital news outlets favor releases with videos.

Do remember to optimize your videos and photo images.  I see too many people ignore the extra effort of adding Alt Text / Descriptions / Tags to their multimedia uploads.  Your video and images’ silent keywords should shout out “look at me, look at me!”

4  Videos Tell the Story Better than Words

Imagine trying to explain how to use your new and improved screwdriver in a press release.  Sure, you can talk about its smooth handle, with multi-purposed screw heads, and how it so easily collapses into a 2” x 1” rectangle that nicely fits in your Jeep’s center console; but, wouldn’t it be much easier to tell its story in a 30 to 90 second video?

Also, explainer videos are the current rage!  Include one in your announcement press release of a new, hard to understand product, and voila – success.


Susan Almon-Pesch
Susan Almon-Peschhttp://www.market4profit.biz/
SUSAN Almon-Pesch is the founder of Market 4 Profit, and her full service ad agency was named Small Business of the Year and ranked in the Top 25 agencies in Western New York. In 1988 Susan was elected the first woman president in the 70-year history of the 250 member Buffalo / Niagara Sales and Marketing Executives, and she was the first woman inducted into its Hall of Fame in 1992.


  1. This article is so “Right On” it gives me goose-bumps. Here is another tip for a cost effective VIDEO- Get one FREE by doing a VIDEO Radio Show Interview like ZOOM and downloading the Youtube link to your press release. Love this article!



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