5 Reasons Contact Forms Help Sites Convert

It is well known that contact forms are an essential part of your website especially if you an ecommerce site selling products or services or if you are a vendor of digital offerings. The reasons are simple, in that your customers may want to get in touch with you for a number of reasons, and a contact form is one way for them to do so.

There are many different ways to create forms in WordPress, and you might want to shop around for WordPress contact form plugins for your specific application. You will find a number of them to choose from.

How do these contact forms help your site convert prospects and visitors into buyers? Here are a few keys.

Establishing Communication

The first way contact forms help sites convert is by establishing communication with prospects. People who are new to your site, your brand, and your company may have questions, and a contact form is often the easiest way to establish communication. Why?

  • It gives the user a communication portal.
  • You can learn preferred methods of communication.
  • It establishes introductions and a relationship.
  • It helps you understand the type of user you are dealing with.

The better you understand who a customer is and where they are coming from, the easier it will be for you to sell to them. This is an essential part of sales and conversions, and the user filling out a form tells you a lot of that information at a single glance.

Offering Feedback Options

The second way forms help websites convert is that simply the customer feels like there is an avenue and a method for communication and offering feedback. Customers seldom simply want to be sold to and then left alone. They want to know if they have issues or if they have other needs there is someone there to respond to them.

This is often confirmed simply by the presence of a contact form titled simply “Can we help you?” This shows the user that you are listening and open to feedback, which can make them more comfortable buying from you.

Custom Orders

Want to offer your customers size, color, and other options? Often a contact form that allows them to request these things and build a custom order will endear them to you and turn them from a looker to a buyer. Whether this is something like apparel or shoes that come in different sizes to furniture or other personalized items, a custom order contact form can be the key to conversion.

Just be sure to offer all the fields a customer needs to order something and have conditional logic fields that only appear if they are needed according to user entries. This will serve to keep things simple and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions

Another type of contact form is one that offers the answers to frequently asked questions. This can be through drop down menus or even a standard FAQ page with contact options. Either way, the purpose is to help narrow the customer inquiry so they can either find the answer on the web, or it will be simple for you to answer since the query is clearer rather than a general one.

The faster you can get the customer these answers, the more likely you are to convert them, so designing specialized forms with conditional answers is a creative way to do so, and to keep them on your site until they have all the knowledge they need.

If the user leaves your site and goes to Google or another search engine, they may not return or worse will end up on your competitor’s site and will buy from them instead.  Make it easy for customers to get answers so they will become your converts not those of your competitors.


Another reason users will reach out via a contact form is because they have an issue and they feel like you can solve it. If you can do so in a timely manner, you will take them from a curiosity seeker to a convert and buyer. This, like FAQ forms, can include a few drop down menus with common solutions just in case you can resolve the issue without the need for contact.

However, always offer the option, and offer the individual several ways to contact you in addition to the contact form, including phone, email, and online chat. The more you reach the customer the way they are comfortable and want to communicate, the better.

Contact forms can be a great way to take individuals from searchers to buyers. These are just a few of the ways contact forms can help your site convert. Use them to get started, and you and your customers will benefit.

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