5 Proven Strategies to Bring More Traffic to Your Business Website

Anyone that has ever had a business website has struggled at one point or another with website traffic. In fact, even the most successful websites have thought about ways of increasing the traffic their platforms receive. However, with so many different methods, strategies, and techniques, it can be difficult to know which will be the most effective for your website.

This article was created to try and educate readers on the most proven methods of increasing business website traffic.

Create a Blog

A tried and tested method of getting more traffic to a website is via a blog. If you make a blog and work hard on it, you will eventually gain a larger following, attract more traffic to your website, and help you build up a social media presence.

Be prepared though, running a blog is not easy, especially in the beginning. You cannot just start a blog and expect your traffic to instantly increase. You need to write regularly and well. The titles should captivate and the content should educate. Those posts should be shared over your social media accounts so they reach new people and potentially bring them to your website.

Furthermore, regular content is great for SEO. Google ranks sites higher that offer a good user experience and plenty of value to their readers. It also helps to build trust and authority within the search engines.

Use Paid Advertising

A quick and effective short-term method is to use paid advertising. You can run ads in the search engines, on social media platforms, or both. Paying for ads is almost guaranteed to improve your website traffic but ideally, you should not rely on ads as your sole strategy. Work on other methods that can help to improve your organic search engine results at the same time.

Develop a Social Media Marketing Strategy

Creating and developing a social media presence is another effective way to build your website traffic. It is also one of the best ways to attract new leads. Get profiles on as many platforms as possible, do not just stick with the most obvious. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are great but you can also use the likes of YouTube, Pinterest, and Reddit, and Quora to help improve traffic.

Try to avoid spamming on social media and instead put together a valuable content plan. Each post should offer value or people will just scroll past them. Also, should you receive comments from readers, a great way to develop a relationship with your readers is to reply back. People are more likely to buy from a company that comes across as run by real human beings.

Build an Email List

If you are not collecting email addresses from your target audience, you are missing a big trick. Having an email list allows you to promote new blog posts, give your customers special offers, or use other email marketing techniques. Each email you send out will deliver an instant boost to your traffic, unless that email offers no value.

To build your list, perhaps offer a newsletter or free gift in return for an email address. Share that newsletter on social media and you might even pick up a few more signups.

Write Guest Posts

If you’re still struggling to increase traffic, why not offer to write posts for other websites. Called guest posting, this practice is mutually beneficial. The websites get free content and you get to promote your website and perhaps even place a link back to it. This not only gets the word out about your website and gives a boost to traffic, but also helps you to build contacts and relationships with webmasters in a similar or same industry to yours.

Simply find some authoritative websites and send them a pitch email. You will have to play around with the pitching strategies to see which is the most effective, but generally keep it short and to the point. Make it clear that you are willing to provide the content for free and that you will write on any subject they prefer. Always create quality content as if you were posting it on your own website. If the webmaster receives poorly written content, he will not post it and you have wasted your time.

The Takeaway

There is no strategy guaranteed to increase your business website traffic, but the strategies above have shown to work for millions of websites. Your overall strategy should involve using all of the above, or at the very least, a handful of them together. Writing a blog and using social media, in particular, might take a lot of work but the long term benefits could be huge for your website. However, never rest on your laurels and always look for ways to improve your traffic. Your competitors will not stand still, so neither should you.

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