5 Online Ventures You Can Start Tomorrow


Running a business from the comfort of one’s home is a dream of many. With the popularization of the online world, this has been made significantly easier – almost everyone can get into an online venture. However, there are many of these around and finding an appropriate one for yourself might not be as simple as it may seem. Here are 5 online ventures to get into almost straight away.

1. Professional freelancing

Now, while “professional freelancer” might seem contradictory, let us assure you that this is more than serious. There is a reason why many companies are choosing a part-time contract worker to fill in the gaps. With this in mind, maintaining a profession of someone who does a variety of freelance services is somewhat achievable. Naturally, this all depends on the skills you possess, but working with a number of companies in different professions (from web development and content writing, to freelance accounting) is possible, especially now, when you can obtain virtually any skill on the Internet. Tech services, content creation and web design are the most popular fields when it comes to freelance work, so you might want to consider giving these three a go, for starters.

2. Social media consultant

This probably sounded ridiculous some 10 years ago, but the rising popularity of social media has made this profession existent. Offering your services to those who’d like their LinkedIn pages to be professionally made and configured for extra job opportunities is no longer ludicrous. The fact that large corporations have made their presence on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram, serves as evidence of how vital these websites are in the world of business. Becoming a social media consultant, therefore, is more than a valid job opportunity for you. Although large companies have their own staff who take care of their social media pages, you can aim at helping small businesses establish their social media presence, seeing as how they are often understaffed, undereducated and generally overwhelmed in terms of time and money. A social media consultant offers their services in terms of best tactics, posting schedules and content management for their employer.

3. Affiliate marketing

Even with the presence of powerful tools that can help anyone find out everything (about just anything), people still believe word-of-mouth advertising, which is why it is an enormous lead generator for a ton of companies. If you love leaving customer reviews on sites such as Amazon, you can cash in your time by approaching affiliate marketing. A company will gladly share a part of their profits with individuals who are persuasive enough to promote their products on eCommerce websites. Keep in mind that having a personal website that is followed by a large number of people is hugely beneficial in this department. For example, brand advocates are always needed – PR reps send free samples to the reviewers and they choose and explain the one that seems the most profitable.

4. Online surveys service

Usually anonymous, surveys reach clients and combine responses with those provided by other participants of the same survey. The data is analysable by clients and is stored internally, yet never revealed, sold or traded without the surveyor’s permission. There are many paid survey communities out there, where consumers volunteer to participate in consumer research (online surveys, product tests, etc.). As an online surveyor, you get to share your opinion, as well as earn some money. Joining an online surveys service is a great answer to the question of how to get paid online, without any previous expertise or skills, and with little or almost no time invested.

5. App development

Nothing can compare to the popularity of apps nowadays. Despite the fact that apps are basically useless without smartphones, the former are actually significantly more talked about. There are apps for anything on the market and the best part is outlined in the fact that these actually provide help for our daily personal, as well as professional activities. If you are relatively familiar with coding, there might be a perfect profession for you, hiding behind the world of apps. Naturally, you can opt for running your own business and making your very own app, or you can opt for being a contract app developer. Although app builders are app developers’ worst enemies, you can join in on the winning team and work on your very own user-friendly app builder – it is the way of the future.

There you have it, 5 online professions that we’ve chosen as most attention-worthy. Naturally, there are many more jobs available on the Internet, depending on what you’re looking for or are interested in. Some of these require patience, while others require expertise. In any case, find your own niche!


Sonya Watts
Sonya Watts
SONYA is a passionate business consultant from Melbourne, Australia with five-year experience. She has a wide range of interests, including online writing, technology trends and marketing in general and likes to share her own experiences in those fields.

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