5 Limiting Beliefs You Need To Change To Shift Into 5D Consciousness

When we start shifting into 5D consciousness, a lot of things happen inside of us which reflect, inevitably, in our outside lives. We change how we take care of ourselves during ascension, we revisit our relationships and our boundaries, we start eating differently, we change the way we work for others and with others and perhaps we start our own business that allows us to spread our wings.

In order to do so, we have to face, one by one, limiting beliefs of the 3rd dimension and take them down. We cannot embrace the new, if we don’t let go of the old. Our human lives in the 3rd dimension, evolve around these 5 very common limiting beliefs that keep us contracted in a state of fear. Here how to change them to shift into 5d consciousness.

1° Limiting Belief of the 3rd Dimension

This one is one of those assumptions that we keep hearing over and over again from parents, grandparents, and relatives like it is a transgenerational truth: LIFE IS HARD AND DIFFICULT.

This is the thing, it is NOT!

When we shift to the fifth dimension of consciousness, we realise that LIFE IS A PLAYGROUND! Life is supposed to be easy, a natural flow of energy. As human beings, we make it really difficult giving importance to things that are not in alignment with our best self.

2° Very Common Limiting Belief of the 3rd Dimension
Another one that we have heard to the point that our ears hurt: LIFE IS SUFFERING.


LIFE IS A TEMPORARY HUMAN EXPERIENCE TO CREATE JOY AND HAPPINESS. We experience challenges to learn, grow, and evolve. Suffering is a choice, so it is happiness. It is up to us.

3° Limiting Belief coming from the 3rd dimension falling right in between our neck like an axe

WE MUST MAKE SACRIFICES TO BE SUCCESSFUL. This one controls our entire being in every single aspect of our lives making us accept situations that are clearly bad for our balance: an underpaid job, a partner cheating on us, friends being with us just for the sake of it, working 16 hours a day in order to become a millionaire, compromise our mental health to reach a certain goal by a certain age. This limiting belief makes us think that we always have to sacrifices ourselves somehow in order to have a successful outcome.

It couldn’t be more wrong!

FULL ALIGNMENT WITH OUR OWN TRUTH, LIFE PURPOSE, AND SOUL MISSION makes us successful. When we are fully aligned with our best self, our Higher-Self, miracles happen, new doors open up, a myriad of opportunities present themselves. Success becomes the norm!

4° 3rd Dimensional Common Limiting Belief

This one is literally ruining society. YOU MUST COMPROMISE TO HAVE HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS. Oh really, is it what you say to people living in abusive situations? Or to children bullied at school? Or to graduates at the beginning of their career working in unhealthy environments? Or to your partner from a different ethnicity mistreated by your family? And you, are you happy to compromise yourself 24 hours, 7 days a week?

Time to use some common sense!

“Compromising” literally means that both parties are giving up something (even a potential important life-lesson to learn). In relationships, this leads to resentment, repressed anger, and dissatisfaction.


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Paola Borrescio
Paola Borresciohttps://paolaborrescio.com/
My name is Paola. I am a Certified Coach, Hypnotherapy Practitioner and Past Lives & Afterlife Regressionist committed to helping as many souls as possible to step up and find their true self and purpose. From the moment we come to this world as human beings, we are given beliefs, rules, and responsibilities to keep us living in a 3rd-dimensional state: we work, we pay the bills and we die. Higher Consciousness and Abundance though are our natural vibrations, our soul mission and life purpose are the reasons why we are here on Earth at this point in time, our natural talents and skills define who we are in our soul journey. I help people in the awakening and ascension process in remembering who they are, removing 3rd-dimensional blockages, limiting beliefs and fears, connecting with their Higher Self and the Universe, going within, finding their purpose, and creating the higher dimensional life they truly deserve. A journey of evolution that brings wholeness, oneness, and unity from the inside out.


  1. Paola, you’re right that respect is key! When you love someone, respect follows naturally. When you act on love, healthy boundaries, love, integrity, responsibility and balance guide you to relationship. And to discern what’s next from one moment to the next. For myself, offering up suffering helps me to move through the moment and on to the next in a loving way that opens me to the blessings of each moment. Including gratitude!