5 Job Hunting Tips For Stay-At-Home Moms

Nowadays, remote work setups have become more popular in a lot of companies. Aside the fact that it promotes physical-distancing, a remote setup helps employees be flexible with their time which allows them to work more productively. This is excellent, particularly for stay-at-home parents.

Job Hunting Tips

Although crafting resumes and landing job interviews may be challenging, it can still be doable as a stay-at-home mom. Fortunately, a lot of businesses are now offering a remote setup for parental employees, especially for those who are still nursing their infants.

For instance, job websites such as MotherWorks can connect you to employers according to your skills, specialties, and availability.

Seeking re-employment will be a worthwhile journey, and to help you, here are job-hunting tips for stay-at-home moms.

  • Get Connected

To kick start your job-hunting journey, reach out to old friends, peers, and former employers for recommendations and politely ask if they could be added in your list of references. Also, try to search for local networking gatherings in which you could join to expand your social web. For instance, consider parent-teacher organizations where other parents might be able to help you look for a job in your locality.

Moreover, reach out to former managers as they may be able to help you attain a spot in the company again. This is true, especially if you’ve had excellent records and have been working in the business for a long time. You may likewise send ahead your application letter and resumes to your former managers. You may speak to them regarding your interest and eagerness to get back into the workforce.

  • Update Your Profile

Another great way to find connections and referrals is through job portals. In your chosen platform, make sure to update your profile to showcase your relevant skills, experience, proficiency, credentials, and the like. Potentially, all of these can help you stand out among other job seekers.

Moreover, look for relevant online groups in the medium. Then, start to engage with people by commenting and answering questions in the page. You may be able to score exclusive job opportunities that aren’t advertised in other platforms. Likewise, be on the lookout in your feed as certain companies might start posting for urgent job opportunities.

Furthermore, update your social media accounts and ask your connections for any possible vacant roles in the businesses they’re currently working.

In addition, when you finally landed a job due to your efforts with networking, always remember the people who’ve helped you in this journey. It wouldn’t be nice to stop talking to them after they’ve done you a huge favor.

  • Look Into Prospective Companies 

Research into prospective businesses you’d like to work for. Learn more about their company culture, vision, programs, business owners, and the like.

All of these may help you build the morale that will help you express your interest in working with them. This is particularly useful during the interview. This knowledge may impress employers and allow them to see how you’re truly eager to be part in their company.

Moreover, by learning about the company, you may be able to answer your best during the interview and in return, ask smart questions to the interviewer.

  • Prepare Your Resume

Significantly, you need to revise and prepare your resume. Take note that some employers are particular with the contents of their candidates’ resumes. Hence, make sure to include applicable knowledge, skills, and data.

However, if your previous skills and education are slightly out of touch, you need not to worry. You may refresh your knowledge with the available resources around you from taking up online classes to participating in seminars to brush up and refine your set of skills.

  • Have A Reason For Your Resume Gap

Stay-at-home moms seeking for employment can either be moms who prefer to transition into a work from home setup or moms who are about to return to the workforce.

The latter reason may have its set of challenges, especially when potential employers start to ask you questions regarding your resume gap. They might want to know your reasons for being away from the workforce and for coming back.

Take note that this is expected as employers want to get to know their potential employees. They want to hire a reliable employee who can work productively despite juggling an entire household.

By brainstorming ahead of time and being honest with your employer, they may be able to more clearly understand and see your intentions for the job position.

Final Thoughts

As you start your job-hunting journey, take note to give it time. Seek support from your partner, family, and friends while you scout for the best job. With time, assertiveness, and perseverance, you’ll be able to score one soon.

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