5 Best MBA Programs 2020

MBA programs are academic educational programs offered by business schools and specialty university departments. Business programs are in high demand and for this reason, they can be found in almost any university anywhere in the world. MBA training provides students with a deep understanding of business processes, as well as a wide range of skills in critical, analytical, and strategic thinking, which are essential for leaders and managers. Many universities around the world, in addition to traditional part-time and full-time studies, also offer online MBA programs. Popular areas and specializations are International Business, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Project Supervision, and many others. Due to the wide variety of business programs, the decision may not be so obvious, however, you shouldn’t be confused with such a variety! Start your search with the most popular and common business programs below.

  1. Kellogg University

Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate Management courses bring together an unusual group of students – from a scrap metal dealer to a brewery director. Working in a group allows for the sharing of collective experiences. In the words of one of the graduate students, a 38-year-old audit manager from ABN Amro, the people in the group “… come from different areas of expertise, and everyone shares important experiences. This is what makes the program work.” This team approach has become the hallmark of Kellogg, a program that has been ranked number one in BusinessWeek’s poll of all MBA courses for a decade. Kellogg’s reputation among directors of other MBA courses matches the popularity of the program among graduate students. All Kellogg graduate students who participated in the BusinessWeek poll said they would choose to study at Kellogg again. Graduates speak flatteringly about teaching, and more than 3,000 students who took part in the 2001 BusinessWeek survey consider the availability of first-class teachers and their ability to effectively use the existing management experience of graduate students as the most important criteria for choosing a course.

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  1. Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

For the third year in a row, the leader among MBA programs, the Wharton School of Business, remains unchanged in the QS rating. Wharton’s three-year success is more than explainable. They actually set the quality standard for Executive MBA programs both due to the strictest approach to the selection of participants and due to the most intensive program, which in terms of the volume of classroom work for two years is not much inferior to full-time programs. The enduring leadership of the Wharton School for Executives MBA program from the University of Pennsylvania reflects not only the status of this school, which is constantly in the top 5 in the world for MBA programs but also its strengthening of the emphasis in its product portfolio on leadership development programs in the current world.

  1. European School of Management and Technology

It ranks among the world’s most influential business schools. Accepts students for MBA, EMBA, and Executive Education programs. The MBA program is divided into 2 parts: 7 months students are taught management skills, then another 5 months – leadership skills. Each student has a mentor from an influential German company.

  1. Adelphi University

Of course, the first three leaders seem like the ideal option, but there are pitfalls everywhere. In addition to the place of the business school in the overall ranking, you should consider your personal goals, as well as the requests of your employers. For example, a school may not be in the top 3 in terms of the number of points, but for certain indicators – for example, in terms of increasing income, bypass schools in the top 3. Also, pay attention to the spread of values. That is why you can choose Adelphi University without any doubts. It offers programs for experienced executives and recent graduates. A separate campus in Manhattan has been built here for MBA students. Graduates will be able to work with products in the global market, manage financial risks, and develop entrepreneurial activities internationally.

  1. Fuqua MBA

Duke University Fuqua Business School teaches a wide range of subjects with a focus on marketing. Graduates of the school receive a dual specialization, and approximately 20% of them choose a career in marketing. Fuqua educators have a well-deserved reputation as one of the best theorists and researchers in marketing. One such luminary is Professor of Psychology and Social Economics Dan Ariely. His works The Upside of Irrationality, The Honest Truth about Dishonesty and Predictably Irrational have become bestsellers. In these books, the author provides the reader with scientifically proven facts, discoveries, the results of practical observations and experiments that explain the mechanism for making a decision to buy a particular product.

Summing up

MBA programs are considered one of the most prestigious educational programs in the world. Students enrolled in MBA programs study theory and learn to apply the knowledge gained in practice in the field of business and management. MBA programs provide students with knowledge that can be applied to a wide variety of professional and life-related business situations. Having an MBA on your resume makes you more competitive in the professional job market, whether you have work experience or not. That is why you should not waste time, rather apply for one of the above programs right now.

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