5 Awesome Ways To Pump Up Your Content Marketing Efforts

Any business that has been running a website for some time now can attest to the fact that it is getting more difficult to reach their target audience than ever before. The primary reason for ranking higher in search engines and reaching a wider target audience is due to the increase in competition. With the internet being a technology that simply keeps growing, more and more businesses are starting to take to the internet to help them gain more customers and sales. At the same time, many businesses are launching as “internet only” businesses. All of this adds more competition for you, which means you will simply have to work smart if you intend to outperform the competition when it comes to driving potential customers to your site.

When it comes to working smart in order to win the battle against competitors, one of the first strategies to consider is your content marketing efforts. If you are not planning ahead and using the right content marketing strategies, then you are likely not gaining the advantage you are able to gain from promoting content to help drive more traffic to your website. In this post, we’ll uncover some essential ways you can improve the results you gain from your content marketing strategy by simply including a few simple additions or making some small modifications to your existing strategy.

1. Include Video In Your Content Marketing Strategy

One of the most important factors to consider today is video. Millions of people now prefer watching a video to learn more about a product or to gain access to information over having to read through a long article. It does not only save them time but also gives them a more attractive way to consume information. Here are some interesting statistics about video and video marketing to consider:

  • On YouTube alone, over 500 million hours’ worth of videos is watched every single day, according to Buffer.
  • According to Insivia, as much as 82% of people with a Twitter account watch videos that load on their dashboard.
  • Insivia also reports that within 30 days, more video content is uploaded to the internet than the combined amount of video produced by television networks in the United States over a period of 30 years.

A report by Outbrain also explains that 87% of all internet marketers are now utilizing video as part of their content marketing strategy. If you are not already utilizing this powerful form of content, then you surely need to consider creating some videos and using them to drive more awareness for your brand and traffic to your website.

2. Publish Content That Sparks Engagement

While it may be interesting to read about the latest Apple iPhone release and what you think about the phone or to learn more about how your company’s supplements are able to help a customer lose weight, these type of articles can quickly become boring and make the reader lose interest. Instead, you should make the reader want to participate in the discussion by asking questions and allowing the reader to deliver their opinion and comments on the topic being discussed.

If you own a company that produces weight loss products, for example, you should not only tell readers why they need to buy your supplements. Instead, try to make them feel part of the discussion by asking them about diets they have tried before and allowing them to share their success stories (and failures). This will not only let your target audience participate in your discussions, but will also automatically create additional content for your business at no cost to you. Ultimately, this strategy will also help to improve Google ranking of your website.

3. A Blog Post Does Not Only Have To Be A Blog Post

Many companies publish a blog post on their blog, shares a link to the post on their social media channels and then move on to the next post. While this particular type of strategy might work, it is important to note that creating multiple blog posts and then focusing on creating other types of content to publish around the internet to drive traffic and gain high-quality backlinks is a time-consuming task.

Instead of forgetting about older blog posts, you should try to repurpose them as much as possible. Now, we are not telling you to republish the content as is on other websites as this will create duplicate content. You could repurpose the content as videos, infographics, images and more. Buffer explains that repurposing blog posts helps your business reach a different audience, it gives you a boost in search engine rankings and it helps to increase your brand’s authority.

4. Take Advantage Of Influencers In Your Niche

No matter what niche you are targeting, there are always at least a handful of influencers worth contacting to get on board with your content marketing strategy. To find an influencer, use a sponsored content platform to help identify potential influencers in your niche. Contact these influencers and discuss a sponsored post on their blog or social media accounts with them. This will not only help to drive traffic back to your site but will also give you a backlink that will be worth a lot and it will help to boost your brand’s authority. Top Rank Blog recommends Linkdex, Klout, and PeerIndex for finding potential influencers.

5. Create Listicles

While a standard article is great for delivering valuable information to your readers, it is not always what a reader wants. Sometimes, a reader simply wants to open up a web page to get some quick facts on a topic they have a question about. In such a case, they would not be eager to read through pages in order to find the information they are looking for. This is where listicles come in – a relatively new term that refers to articles that lists “top” solutions – for example, a company that produces weight loss products could create a listicle on the “top 10 weight loss ingredients” or “top 10 foods to eat to lose weight”.


Content marketing is an essential part of promoting your business, as well as the products and services you offer customers. This type of marketing strategy helps to put your company’s message in front of potential customers and then helps to drive those individuals toward your website. In this article, we looked at five ways you can boost your content marketing efforts to drive more customers to your website and to increase your brand awareness.


Vivian Michaels
Vivian Michaels
VIVIAN Michaels is a huge tech enthusiast, who likes to write articles on evolving technology and internet marketing. He has written for various websites like Socialnomics, IamWire, ProvenSEO, etc. Vivian is also a fitness trainer and never forgets to renew his Netflix subscription.

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