5 Amazing Digital Marketing Opportunities For CBD Brands In 2020

Undoubtedly, the industry of CBD is growing tremendously and won’t slow down anytime soon. On accounts of the increasing popularity of the cannabinoid, more people are trying to enter the industry and profit from it. While it is easier to start a CBD business, marketing the products can be a daunting task, primarily online.

While digital marketing is gaining momentum in almost every other industry, things are different when it comes to the CBD market. The brands have to navigate their way through the restrictions on advertising carefully. Are you wondering about the best digital marketing that the year 2020 offers for CBD brands? Read on and find out.

Digital marketing is an effective way of building a direct communication path between the brand and the consumers. It helps top CBD companies in promoting their products and growing the brand. There are ample digital advertising opportunities available today, but here are some of the most exciting ones for CBD brands.

1. Influencer Marketing

The latest trend in the digital marketing arena is influencer marketing, with 74% of people trusting social media to make purchasing decisions. It involves brands partnering with influential people on engaging social media platforms, like Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. Influencers are super active on social media handles, have a substantial number of followers, and help you reach your target audience.

CBD brands can partner with these influencers, who create authentic content and organically promote your products online. When they talk about your products or given their recommendations, it helps in building brand awareness. People might be more willing to try your CBD products after getting their valuable insights on a personal level.

You can devise a strategic plan for influencers, keeping in mind social media regulations. Target the current issues and use social media and influencers’ reach to nurture the brand’s customer relations.

2. Display Advertising

Display advertising is essentially the most recognizable digital ad on the website, making it a staple of every advertising campaign. If your goal as a CBD brand is to either build general awareness or boost sales, then display advertising can provide you ample opportunities.

While Google restricts ads for CBD, there is a wide array of platforms that can offer display advertising. These networks have come up specifically to help advertisers promote CBD and cannabis products. They allow you to run ads on a publisher’s website and target a specific target audience. These platforms only charge you a network fee for using their platform, and you have to pay an additional cost, which is either per click (CPC) or per 1,000 impressions (CPM).

Display advertising is an excellent way to divert traffic to your Canadian weed dispensary without having to spend too much. It is best to get creative with the ads to leave a more profound impact on the viewer and get maximum success. You can access networks like Taboola, Mantis, and Traffic Roots for CBD display advertising.

3. Content Marketing

While CBD has already managed to become a household name, the audience still has plenty of questions in their mind. As a CBD brand, it becomes your responsibility to provide them with the answers. By giving them the required answers, you not only help educate them but also create a connection with potential customers. It can build trust in your brand and increase your sales as well.

Here, content marketing or blogging proves immensely beneficial. Content creation can help you implement your SEO strategy with keywords and spread awareness about the benefits. You can target cold prospects and convert them into sales by providing them with the information that they are actively looking for. Content syndication and guest-posting can also prove immensely beneficial for improving the organic reach of your brand. A carefully curated content strategy can boost your credibility as a CBD brand. High Supplies are a leader in the Cannabis industry in US because of their quality products and effective content strategy.

4. Affiliate Marketing

If you are searching for a strategy that is effective yet affordable, then affiliate marketing can do wonders for you. Although affiliate marketing is a traditional advertising method, it is a popular performance-based strategy that is still in use. In this method, the company gives rewards to the affiliate for every visitor and customer on the website that is brought by them.

There are plenty of affiliate programs available today. All you need to do is register on the website of any company that you use. It is then the marketer’s job to bring in customers for you, and they can earn a commission from it. You can then promote the affiliate program in different networks or get paid space on websites visited by your target audience. Since the fee of affiliate programs is based on performance, it involves lesser risk and generates sufficient traffic. Affiliate Window, ShareASale, and ClickBank are some of the trusted affiliate networks for CBD brands.

5. Email Marketing

While popular social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook come with a series of rules and restrictions, email marketing helps you move past that. You can send regular or data-directed messages to your users and interact with them. It gives you the freedom to send tailored messages to specific customers. Email marketing involves relatively lesser costs and high returns on investment. Another benefit of this digital marketing strategy is that it allows you to track engagement and sales with open and conversion rates. It helps measure the success of the campaign.

Final Thoughts

The popularity of CBD is increasing tremendously, and so are the methods of marketing it. While traditional advertising platforms have restrictions limiting CBD promotion, there are many new platforms available today. It is essential to find the most lucrative opportunity and implementing it to gain visibility and sales for the CBD brand.

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