5 Accounting Tips for Dental Practices

Running a successful dental practice takes more than caring for your patients’ oral hygiene; it also involves balancing the books. Even if you’re an expert in your medical field, it is wise to get advice regarding other aspects of your business. Take a look at these five accounting tips to ensure you’re staying on track.

1)    Don’t Lose Track of Cash Flow

The economic side of your dentistry business can involve accounting on things like

      Bill Collection

      Payments for Equipment and Supplies

      Leasing Office Space

      Paying Staff Salaries

      Marketing Your Business

With all of these ways for money to flow in and out of your company, it is critical that you don’t lose track of your spending and end up with a failing budget. The number one thing you can do to ensure successful accounting in any business is to keep precise records of every detail when it comes to spending and earning.

2)    Don’t Miss Out on Overdue Payments

One way that dentists frequently take losses is when their patients do not pay their overdue bills. Bill collection is a sensitive area for any business. Still, it is especially critical that dentists do not end up destroying relationships with their patients due to hassles over a single bill.

Collections services like Summit A•R understand the need to treat your patients with the utmost respect and dignity. They can help you resolve overdue payments while ensuring that the relationships that have taken years to foster won’t sour.  

3)    Do Not Mix Business and Personal Accounts

You may be in an industry devoted to helping people, but the economic side of your job works the same way as any other business. That means that you have to be careful not to stumble into the pitfalls that can sink any company. While you may have opened a business account for your practice or acquired a company credit card, you mustn’t use these for personal expenses.

4)    Consider the Long Term

It is all well and good to balance the books on a short-term basis, but the survival of any business depends mainly on long-term planning. Make sure that you can put some money aside for unforeseen scenarios (like the COVID-19 pandemic) so that you don’t have to close shop when disaster strikes.  

5)    Keep in Touch with an Accountant

As in the case of collecting on debts owed to your business, the economic side of running a dental practice is not your specialty. It is always a good idea to ensure that your business is on the right track and guaranteed survival by checking in with a professional accountant. The more you keep the lines of communication open, the more you’ll be able to rest soundly.

When it comes to pristine dental care, you can follow the guidance of your dental school training. When it comes to ensuring a steady flow of capital into your business, take the advice of the experts like a professional collections service.

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