4 Ways You Can Stay Virtually Connected During a Global Pandemic

Every day new alarming Coronavirus updates and statistics are released. More and more people are becoming directly impacted. People are becoming ill or losing jobs, and face-to-face interactions are at an all-time low. So, how can you still stay connected with the ones you love while government officials continue to reinforce social distancing? There are many ways technology allows you to see, talk to, and interact with your family and friends online. Here are four ways you can keep in touch with your family members and help slow the spread of COVID-19.

Hold Zoom Calls and Meetings

Zoom is a video communications platform that allows you to interface with family members or co-workers remotely. Zoom offers free basic plans that enable you to try the software for as long as you’d like. It also includes unlimited meetings. However, there is a limit to how long each session can continue. Each meeting using the free plan can only last 40 minutes. Zoom is compatible with your calendar so you can view upcoming meetings and plan accordingly. This platform makes communicating long-distance enjoyable and seamless.

Download MarcoPolo to Your Phone

MarcoPolo is an app you can download to your phone. It allows you to record audio and video conversations that can be viewed at any time. Live communication is possible, but many people enjoy the ability to receive and review recorded messages when they have time. Marco Polo is a face-to-face application which creates a more intimate feeling than a text or email. Although, the app also allows you to view photos and texts even if you can’t see video feeds.

This app also provides a great way to let loved ones know you’re available during difficult times. For example, many people all over the world are feeling economic burdens. If you send money to your family to help offset financial stress, you can video message them, detailing an upcoming money transfer. They will know how and when to expect the transaction, as well as understanding transfer rates and fees.

Communicate Using Social Media

There are so many different social media platforms that allow you to stay in touch with family and friends during good time and bad. Things like Facebook and Instagram enable you to post live videos and stories to your feed. Family members can feel more connected with your current situation when they view the things you’re involved with. Not only that, but they can also comment on your photos and shared media harvesting an even better relationship. According to curatii.com, social media can also create awareness of innovative enhancements to their lives.

Use Slack to Message Friends at Work

Slack is a fun way to stay connected with co-workers in the office or away. It’s a chat room your whole company can be involved with. It’s more instantaneous than email and allows you to organize your messages into specific channels. You can share videos, files, and photos. So, if you’re missing your work buddies or need help with an upcoming project, Slack is a great way to keep in touch.

Social distancing due to the Coronavirus can be challenging, especially when it prevents you from being with or near family and friends. Yet, there are still so many ways you can virtually connect with loved ones all over the world. Thankfully technology allows you to see, talk to, and interact with your family and friends online. You can schedule zoom calls with friends for energetic dance parties or send a quick video message via Marco Polo to let your mom know about an upcoming money transfer. Even with COVID-19, you can still have peace of mind knowing your family is just a click away.

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