4 Ways To Make Your Next Party Amazing

Everyone’s been to a party that failed to deliver the anticipated good time. Hopefully, everyone’s also attended a party that’s surpassed their expectations, but unfortunately, it’s easier to find a party that’s lackluster than one that you’ll remember forever. If you want to be the person who throws parties worth talking about, here are four ways you can deliver on that expectation.

1. Provide Interesting Entertainment

A party should be far more than a pile of six-packs from the closest convenience store. If you want a night to remember, the most important aspect of that will be providing not just some form of entertainment, but something unique. Whether your venue is an empty warehouse, a backyard fire pit, or a small apartment, there’s always an option for entertaining your guests.

Some ideas might include hiring male or female strippers, live bands, or a comedian. You can even provide the entertainment yourself by learning some card tricks. Thinking of yourself as the magician for your party might sound really lame, but you’d be surprised how much people love simple sleight-of-hand tricks.

2. Create an Atmosphere

The parties people talk about 20 years later often have one thing in common: ambiance. By creating a unique atmosphere, you turn a get-together into an event. You can accomplish this by finding music that fits the mood you’re going for, as well as paying attention to lighting and even smells. For example, if you throw a Mad Men-themed party, get some leather-scented candles. It’s a small detail that will have a big impact. If you want a more mellow mood, get some soft-glowing colored lamps and turn off the house lights.

3. Have Food, Not Snacks

If you want a noteworthy party, don’t spill some club crackers on a plate and call it good. How many parties have you left because you needed something to eat? Don’t force your guests into hunger.

If you aren’t comfortable making food, you can either ask a friend to help or you can get the food catered. Make sure that the food provided is easy on the stomach, and it’s typically best if it can still be finger food. Your goal should be something people can eat while they walk around and chat with each other. Ensure that nobody at your party is hungry.

4. Designate Start and End Times

If you don’t have a specific start time, you may find yourself sitting awkwardly in a room with one or two guests, who may feel like your party has flopped and will find an excuse to leave before others arrive. On the flip side, by providing an end time, people will know they’ll miss out if they don’t show up within the allotted window. Having an end time also ensures nobody — yourself included — feels obligated to stay longer than they may want to.

It’s all too easy to throw a forgettable party, but fortunately, you can host an incredible party if you just know what you’re doing. Just ask yourself if you would want to attend the party you’re throwing, and go from there. By making intentional decisions about the party’s atmosphere, you’ll throw an event your friends will talk about for years to come.

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