4 Ways To Change Your Career

If you’ve worked in your current job for a few years, it can become repetitive and you may be in need of a career change. Many people change careers throughout their lives so it doesn’t matter what age you are or what job you are currently doing now. If you enjoy the idea of marketing you could look at a job like marketing for doctors, or if you enjoy sports why not become a coach? As they say, the world is your oyster, so don’t let anybody stop you from doing something that makes you happy. It may be stressful changing careers but it’s something you can do and should if you want to. Below are some top ways to change your career.

Online Courses

Enrolling on an online course is a great way to qualify in a different discipline, but it will also tell you if you will like the new career you are training in. It could be that you want to be a personal trainer, you enrol in a course, qualify and realise you don’t like that career choice. You won’t have to leave your current job to know that but will have learnt something new that some of the learning could be applied to your current job. Online courses are great as you can do them from the comfort of your own home without and time restraints. Some courses are free so you can try out multiple things to decide on what you would like to do in the future. Plus, your current boss never needs to know about the courses unless you want to tell them, not putting your job in jeopardy.

Try It Out

If you want to change career but are not 100% sure on the new career you are considering, why not volunteer on a weekend and try it out. Without trying it out, how can you ever know if you will like it or not? By doing it on the weekends for a month you will either know you love it or hate it. If you love it, you will have gained some valuable experience and can speak to the person you are volunteering for, for a full-time position or as a reference when applying for a new job in the same discipline. If you hate it, you have just gained some valuable experience and can try out another job which you think you may want to try out.

Just Go For It

Sometimes the only person stopping your career change it yourself. If you lack the confidence to do it, you may never do it. If this is the case, all we can say is believe in yourself and do it. What’s the worst that can happen? If you apply for a job, they say yes and you don’t like it when you work there, then you can always look for another job or go back to doing what you were previously. Sometimes it can take months to find a job in a new profession so it’s worth starting now and persevering.

Don’t Rush Into A New Career

If you want to start a new career, try and really think about the pro’s and con’s of the new career you are thinking about. Don’t just rush into any old job as you may find yourself regretting it and being more unhappy than you currently are. Try and do plenty of research online about the job and why people want to do it. If you know someone who already does it, what not give them a call and see if they think you would suit it. The last thing you want to do is go from job to job trying to find one you enjoy. Don’t be afraid to take a couple of months to think about what you want, as whilst thinking you may actually find you start enjoying what you are currently doing and it was just a small blip.

As mentioned above, many people change careers for many different reasons. No matter what position you currently are in, you can always change this and become happier when you are at work. After all, you do spend a lot of your life working! If it’s a case of wanting more time to yourself, you could always opt to be a freelancer and work for yourself in the same discipline.

Why did you want to change your career? What tips can you give to our other readers when they are looking to change career? Let us know in the comment box below, we would love to hear from you.

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