4 Tips to Handle the Administrative Side of Becoming a Freelancer

Going freelance is a fantastic way to liberate yourself from the shackles of everyday office life and take charge of your professional existence, ideally improving job satisfaction and earnings as a result.

Of course the biggest obstacle many would-be freelancers face is how to handle all of the extra admin which invariably comes with being your own boss.

To give you a helping hand, here are a few useful tips to follow which will make the transition to freelancer status less complex.

Hire an accountant

As a freelancer you will be responsible for filing your taxes, including any deductions and the relevant paperwork to support your claims.

Doing this on your own can be a real administrative nightmare and so it is always easier to let a professional take care of this on your behalf.

There are costs to cover when hiring a qualified accountant, but these can be recouped as part of the deductions process anyway, so there is no reason not to get hands-on assistance.

Get insurance

This is something which new freelancers frequently forget, but when you go it alone you will be responsible for acquiring enough insurance to protect yourself from unforeseen disasters lurking just over the horizon.

Thankfully you can find health insurance for freelancers which should cover you just as comprehensively as if you were still on your employer’s package.

Depending on the work you do, other insurance may be necessary. For example, you may need general liability insurance to protect you from any claims made by third parties, such as customers who visit your premises.

Use time management software

Staying on top of your responsibilities is the only way to earn cash and keep clients happy when you are a freelancer, and if you find that you often let time slip away from you, the right software can put an end to procrastination while ensuring you hit your deadlines.

There are a whole host of apps geared towards this, including mainstream options like Trello which are built to make project management simple whether you are working solo or participating as part of a wider team.

Another useful solution is Toggl, which is particularly impactful for time tracking and reporting. This will make sure you know exactly how long tasks take, so that you can bill clients accordingly.

Embrace cloud storage

If your freelance work largely involves tapping away on a laptop or desktop computer, file sharing will be a major piece of the administrative puzzle.

Free solutions like Google Drive and basic versions of platforms like Dropbox can be a boon, particularly if you also want to be able to collaborate with others and receive client input and feedback on files.

Paying for premium services will unlock even more functionality, and the other advantage of the cloud is that it makes your data available from anywhere, rather than tethering it to a particular device.

Most importantly, you should aim to get a handle on your administrative responsibilities as soon as possible when freelancing. The effort involved in setting up these systems will be worth it because of the conveniences that will be unlocked, so do not delay!

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