4 Things Millennials Want From E-Commerce Sites

The generation known as Millennials have grown up alongside the internet. For them, buying things online is commonplace, natural and easy. They tend to patronize smaller or local businesses with solid ethical practices. And, Millennials are willing to pay more for something unique. If you’re starting an e-commerce site aimed at this group or looking to expand your customer base by more readily attracting them, here are four things Millennials want from e-commerce sites.

  1. Products that are handmade or specialized. As previously stated, Millennials tend to prefer unique products over mass-produced. Having something to sell that can’t be found anywhere else will definitely draw their attention. If you’re also able to offer that product at a reasonable price, that’s even better.
  2. Eco-friendly businesses putting green measures into practice. Buying supplies from companies doing business ethically and with the environment in mind is a great way to get Millennials talking. Conversely, if you support a business that is careless in these regards, you might face some backlash from Generation Y. Social media makes it easy for people to spread information on your practices, so it’s best to make that fact work in your favor. People will either be talking about how amazing your product is and how you only work with fair trade/green companies, or they’ll be talking about why they don’t want to give you their money. Going green, or getting supplies from ethically-run companies may cost you more at first, but it will net you positive attention and you can charge a fair price when you can explain how this means your product might be more expensive than others. Millennials will spend more if it fits their ideals.
  3. Employing social media wisely and well. These are your brand’s social media accounts, rather than your personal ones, so keep that in mind before sharing posts. Update daily and have your accounts ready to go before your store is up, so you can use them to drum up interest in your launch. Before you start checking out where you can build free e-commerce websites, get your ducks in a row social media-wise. Social media can also be a great way to get feedback from customers, which can help with relations down the road. If you’re active about responding to questions, complaints, or suggestions with genuine interest, you’re going to have loyal customers.
  4. The availability of a robust mobile option. An e-commerce store without a mobile option is shooting itself in the foot. Millennials love shopping on the go and willingly spend money with businesses accommodating this. Make sure your site builder employs responsive design, so you’re mobile ready right out of the gate.

Like any other group, Millennials love a deal, but they’re looking for more than just the best price. Appealing to a demographic that demands ethics and quality may seem daunting at first. Just remember that Millennials have the same penchant for brand loyalty as the generations behind them and will return to a business they feel hears them. Small things like being consistent with social media can help, while bigger things like being eco-friendly can really push your store to the top of the list. The market is there, and they’re ready to spend. All you have to do is tap into their mindset with these four things millennials want from e-commerce sites.

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