4 Reasons Why You Should Arrange for an SEO Assessment Today

One of the truisms about search engine optimization is that it’s not a done deal at any point. Like so much that has to do with the Internet, SEO constantly evolves. That means what once served you well could be of no use today. By contacting the Edmonton office of Seologist SEO company and arranging for an expert to conduct a full site assessment, it’s easier to learn what can be done to improve performance. Here are some reasons to make that call today.

Your Pages Seem to Be Slipping in Rankings

While your pages are still performing fairly well, the number of visits has dropped off over the last year. It also seems that readers are spending less time on those pages. Neither situation bodes well for the future. That’s because readers who are only there for a short time are less likely to end up being customers.

Something is causing readers to not find your pages or not hang around long when they do. An assessment will involve looking at every aspect of each page and determining why they no longer perform as well. In many instances, the changes that you’ll need to make will be a lot simpler than anticipated.

Your Site Isn’t Ready for the Small Screen

Over the last several years, consumers have moved away from using laptops and desktops for all of their Internet searches. While many still do, using a smartphone has become the device of choice. In response, many site owners have either developed mobile sites for display on a smaller screen, or revamped their primary sites so they display nicely on a smartphone screen.

Part of the assessment will involve determining how the present site looks on that smaller screen. It could be that some minor changes to the main site will be all it takes to improve the experience. If not, reworking the site entirely or launching a mobile version or even an app may be the best option. An SEO expert can help you settle on the best choice.

Some of Your Chosen Keywords Aren’t All That Popular Any Longer

There are keywords and keyword phrases that have remained popular since the advent of the Internet search engine. Others have fallen into disuse and no longer attract much attention. If most of the keywords used in your page content fall into the latter category, that could be why your pages aren’t performing as well as they did in the past.

Someone like Mike Zhmudikov, head of SEO department at Seologist, will know how to assess your keyword usage and what can become to improve it. That may mean making some changes to the content as well as replacing some keywords or keyword phrases. The result will be content that’s more engaging and more likely to show up higher in search engine results.

You Wonder if the Site is Loading Too Slowly for Your Readers

Another aspect of the assessment has to do with how quickly your pages load. People have increasingly short attention spans. Even if you have the most helpful content in the world, it does nothing if the pages fail to load quickly enough to hold the reader’s interest.

In some instances, changing the way the pages are structured will help increase the load speed. This one change could make all the difference to how many people decide to stay on the site rather than go off in search of one that loads faster.

These are only some of the reasons for arranging for an SEO assessment. If it’s been some time since you had this type of evaluation done, call a professional today. A few changes now could mean more traffic in a matter of weeks.

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