4 Reasons Why You Need To Give C-suite Business Phones

Why in this day and age do you still need to consider giving employees business phones? If you know a thing or two about business communications, you’ll agree that it’s an absurdity to question this long-standing doctrine. Why would you want a person to mix with a professional? We can’t support employees using their personal phones to discuss sensitive matters about business. The key reason is not security itself, although this is a major part of it. It’s because you have full-time access to your staff. Those that have a business phone are usually in the C-suite. They have the most important jobs so why not the best perks?

C-suite perks

As mentioned, giving a member of your C-suite a business phone is a perk of their role. They are now intertwined in the business, no matter what they are doing. They can be called upon to come into the office when something urgent requires their attention. This is often seen in high-ranking financial firms. When a client is in deep trouble, or perhaps a strategy has taken the turn for the worst and needs immediate action, you can call them up without any problems. The business phone is always kept on, so it’s always open 24-7, 365 days of the year. The C-suite knows this and shall respond to this new perk, positively.

Emergency meetings

You cannot imagine how stressful it is for bosses of companies, to not be able to get their most senior employees to come to a meeting when something horrible is happening. It’s quite amazing how many small business owners don’t realize this is a giant hole in their organizational structure and operating methods. A business phone is something which can be used to call an emergency meeting, whereby everyone can meet in-person at a place you choose and at the same time.

Business deals

It goes without saying that having a business phone is great for making business deals. If you have a client that is having a meeting with one of our C-suite employees and you are out on business, you can be called immediately and told what the situation is. Maybe they want less money or want to change the deal, you can respond at lightning speed and protect your business or make it again. Employees in the room can silently text you with what is going on in a detailed meeting. It can keep you abreast of what is going on at all times.

Modern setup

When we think of business phones we think back to the 80s, with the giant brick phones. But now, with Wholesale Mobile Phones you can pick business phones of the most modern standard. The most speedy, advanced, and engaging smartphones are on offer and specifically for business. Their tracking system allows you to see where the phone is. Asset tagging on the phone is also very useful to protect your intellectual property.

Business phones are incredibly useful because they allow an unbreakable line to existing, between you and your C-suite. It’s vital in so many ways, chief among them, being able to call emergency meetings in the middle of the night.

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