No doubt hundreds of emails have arrived in your inbox within the last few days – all wishing you a Happy New Year and a 2017 filled with peace, prosperity, and good health. Nothing wrong with well-wishes sent and received. I just know you need a little something meatier to answer, How is 2017 going to be better than 2016?! No really, how??!!

I’ll keep this email succinct and savory – a shot of mojo in less than 5 minutes so you may ignite brilliance in your 2017.

Ruminate on the following 4 questions. Read ‘em. Think about ‘em. Share them with friends over a coffee, cocktail or dinner. Share ‘em with colleagues to shake up the management meeting. Share ‘em with your kids in the car or while they set the table. Whatever you do, answer them. Thoughtfully.

Here’s to creating a brilliant and happy 2017!

1. How might I expose myself?

To new ideas? To new events? To new causes? To smart people? To creative people? To risk? To new attitudes? To new questions? To new places? To better habits? To fun?

2. How will I make a mark, not a blemish?
There are 8,760 hours in a year. How might you use them to help instead of to hurt?

3. What is the flavor profile of my life? How might I improve the taste?
The un-examined life is not worth living (Socrates), but neither is the over-examined. Let’s simplify your life into 5 categories. For each category, ask yourself: What’s good / what’s working? What’s not so hot? What’s missing? Which means in 2017 I’m going to get off my derriere and…?!

  1. Livelihood & Lifestyle
    1. Career, Money, Home, Possessions, Travel, Resources
  2. Physical Wellness
    1. Health, Fitness, Food, Rest, Mental Health
  3. Creativity & Stimulation
    1. Self-expression, Interests – Hobbies, Education
  4. Relationships
    1. Romance, Friendship, Family, Community, Causes
  5. Essence & Spirituality
    1. Truth, Intuition, Soulful Practices, Faith

4. How might I tangibly play better?
Who do I thank? Where do I show up? What words leave my lips? When do my lips stay closed? Who do I compliment? To what and whom do I say no, thank you and yes, please? Which articles and videos do I share? Who do I hug more? What do I open my wallet for? Am I sure? Who or what needs to go? How will I know it’s best for me? What choices are joy-filled? When do I pause? When do I pull the trigger? When do I take a deep breath? How might I get greater clarity? What hurts? What will make me stronger? When do I make that leap of faith? How will I know which choices reflect my brilliance and happiness?

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Chris Pehura
Chris Pehura

Goals are often hard to meet. It’s much easier to ask “what can I do every day to increase my chances of meeting my goal in the long run?”