4 Exciting Careers That Benefit From A Business Degree

Business degrees aren’t just for people who aspire to jobs with vague descriptions within a business. Many exciting and engaging career paths benefit from a business degree. Business itself is a broad category, allowing scope for many jobs that directly fall under its banner. Then there are many jobs related to business but not directly under its banner, making a sideways move possible.

Artistic Careers

Business is a part of everyday life in many aspects that you may not even consider due to being so commonplace. After school, even those following creative pathways will find that some business acumen will make things easier. An artist creating and selling their pieces needs to know how to run a small business. Even if they are using an agent or other third party to take care of the sales, it’s essential to understand the accounting side and how to read a business contract. Without this understanding, it’s all too easy to be taken advantage of and not get the full recognition and financial compensation due to them.


If you’ve always loved the thought of selling ideas and things, but want something that isn’t straight sales, then marketing is an excellent idea. Just about every industry requires marketing which is why business courses are a perfect background to come from. With marketing, you get to influence the look and feel of the industry and who its target audience is. If your passion is gaming, what better way to indulge your love while helping to grow the market? Change gaming for film, shoes, or travel, and the result is the same.

Public Relations

Similar to marketing, Public Relations is about forging relationships and selling an image, and what better place to learn these skills than in business school. PR is perfect for someone who likes working closely with people and talking them up. Unlike a product or brand, people are unpredictable, meaning PR bods need to be adaptable and quick thinking. These are all skills that can be learned by studying business and other critical skills such as dealing with contracts and negations.

Event Planning

Arranging flowers and booking venues may not seem like the end result of a business degree, but it makes a lot of sense with so much involved in event planning. There are a lot of balls to juggle when putting together a significant event, with many planners choosing to specialise. Corporate events often require corporate sponsorship and a social media campaign alongside booking venues, caterers, entertainment, and managing guest lists. Business school teaches you the necessary management skills to maintain such events, as well as being an excellent place to start networking.

It’s easy to see that there are many career opportunities that are interesting and varied for business majors. You’ll learn various skills that can take you from the art studio to the boardroom, help you pull off the perfect wedding every week, or sell a fantastic new product.

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